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It can be a pain to start learning something new, and it may be even more complicated if you don’t know where to start. But please, don’t let sneaky competitors steal your intellectual property (IP) and profit! It’s not fair to your business and the work you put into it to succeed.Ā 

To help you avoid this, I offer many free learning opportunities. One of them is this copy defense blog šŸ’”.Ā 

ā†’ The blog post categories should make it easier for you to find what you want to get an intro to or learn more about to apply in your business strategy.


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Gyde balzer carstensen, ceo, hands on hips, facing you

My name is GydeĀ 

I share knowledge in different ways, e.g., online courses, in-person events, webinars, and this copy defense blog so that you can safeguard your companyā€˜s reputation and revenue against damage caused by illegal copies, imitations, idea theft, and other abuse.

I do this based on my long career in patents and IP.

The first & next
copy defending step
can be taken here


start with the blog and learn for free

Read the blog posts that are relevant to you. Sign up for the newsletterĀ and get used to the terms and concepts.Ā 

You can also follow me on social media and get small bites daily.Ā 

Remember, the first steps are the most valuable ones – from there everything gets easier!


Build your protection with courses & events

Maybe you already know that you need to build a wall of protection around your business gems. Maybe you know how it feels when your products suddenly are available at your competitor’s stores.

Find niche specific courses or general “must have” topics in the webinar or event list.Ā 

See what I am currently offering: online courses, events, and webinars.


Optimize your defense position with one-on-one sparring

Maybe you need a nudge to get over the initial confusion. Let’s face it – sometimes ripping the bandaid off is hard. I promise to make it easier for you in 1:1 sparring sessions.

I am you professional sparring partner so you don’t have to master this new challenge by yourself! Book aĀ Ā 1:1 sparring sessionsĀ with full focus on your questions and next steps.

Invest inĀ idearlifyĀ® SPARRING sessions or in a bundle if you know that you want to meet regularly and secure your discount right away.

Soon I am offering idearlifyĀ® SPARRING-packs that combine all offers to give you a high-value-low(er)-cost-offer with tested methods and sparring.Ā 

Are you ready to learn more than what the copy defense blog can help with?

Starting with free resources is a great way to get a taste of learning something new. After reading some blog posts, you may realize that copy defense is an option to protect your hard work from misuse and abuse.Ā 

That’s why I offer online courses, webinars, workshops, and tailor-made solutions to help you learn how to protect your business and succeed. In the below sections, you can get some more insights into some of the learning formats you can choose from.

Online courses

Unlock your copy defense tools now with IdearlifyĀ® Online Courses. This results-driven approach empowers you to transform your vision into a thriving business – and protect it against thieving competitors. My courses deliver practical knowledge through easy-to-use tools, workbooks, and checklists that enable you to apply your new skills right away.

Tap on the image to discover our courses page to get started today. Every day counts when it comes to protecting your time and resources from being stolen. Prevention is your best defense.

webinars, workshops & events

If you’re someone who loves learning by asking questions and focusing on one topic at a time, I can help you out!Ā I have a collection of resources, such as workshops, webinars, and events that focus on specific topics to keep you ahead of the competition.Ā Please note that the events often have limited number of seats and will be offered to the newsletter members first.Ā 

Simply click the image to visit our events page.Ā 

1:1 sparring session and bundles

Many PATENTsmarterā„¢ prefer to find a happy medium between studying solo or collaborating with a peer. If you’re looking for some one-on-one practice time with me, your product protection and copy defense coach and mentor, I offer individual sparring sessions that can be booked as individual lessons, discounted bundles, or preset combination packages.Ā 

Simply click on the image to be directed to the booking page.

Tailor-made solutions

If you need a customized course, webinar, or personalized presentation on intellectual property relevant to your business, department, students, association, or club members, contact me.Ā 

Click on the image to send your request, and let’s schedule a brief call to discuss further details. Of course, this call is explorative and without any strings attached.Ā 

Get the newsletter with bites of knowlede & great offers!

TAKE your copy defense TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


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