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Respect my intellectual property rights by not sharing my content - "free" or paid - without my permission!

I specialize in creating and producing resources on PATENTsmarter™, aimed at helping businesses safeguard their intellectual property. My goal is to make it easier for entrepreneurs to protect their companies against infringement by offering practical solutions tailored to their specific needs and working styles. 

Every piece of material I provide is based on over 14 years of experience in IP, countless hours of studying for the European Qualifying Examination, and the Certified Danish Patent Agent exams, all while working full-time. However, I have to charge for my services as it is how I make a living. 

💡If you wish to share any of the courses, PDF documents, newsletters, webinars, or mentoring sessions, you must obtain permission as your license is personal and specific to the content you have access to and how you can use it.

When you ask my permission before you share, I know you care about and respect the work I invested in developing the material for you.

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Complete the form provided below and I will reply soon with an answer. Please note that filling out the form does not give you consent to share information with others. 

You must wait for me to tell you what you can share and only share that with the specific person or people mentioned. Sharing beyond what I allow is not allowed and would break my rights.


To ensure that I stay in control of my methods and materials, and to prevent my competitors from gaining access to them, it is imperative that you share my material only with my prior consent.

I usually provide templates and instructions in my offers that clearly outline what can be shared and how to do so correctly, making it easy for you to share your input or results based on my material.

Unauthorized sharing of licenses or materials with non-paying users, your colleagues, or others can lead to serious damage and loss of sales and value in my business, which is unacceptable.

Even your advisors and IP lawyers, who are also my colleagues and friends, are also my competitors. Therefore, they should not have access to my content. Share my material responsibly, so I can continue to offer value to entrepreneurs everywhere.

LET'S FIND A SOLUTION for careful sharing TOGETHER

I have solutions that can allow you to share my material while respecting my intellectual property rights – if the “share with your advisor” templates that I provide in my material are not “enough”. Please fill out the form above and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a proposal.
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I reserve all option to enforce my rights against infringements and violations

I therefore trust that you understand that if you decide to share material
without my express consent or e.g. purchase the number of relevant licenses needed (perhaps even at a discount), I reserve the right to take legal action against such infringing action.


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PATENTsmarter™ is not a patent law firm and does not provide legal or any other advice.

PATENTsmarter™ is an informational and educational website operated by European Patent Attorneys, particularly the Owner, founder, and CEO of PATENTsmarter™, Gyde Balzer Carstensen.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before using the information offered in the shop or by any other means by PATENTsmarter™.

All Products and Services, Blogs, Mentoring, Tailor-made Solutions, Events, Webinars, Workshops, and more, including any Material or Content shared by PATENTsmarter™, are for educational and illustrative purposes only, aimed at better understanding the law and its potential opportunities and risks, and cannot be construed as legal advice.

Simplification may be necessary to improve the conceptual understanding

The content is not guaranteed to be correct or updated with recent national or international law changes. Sometimes concepts have been simplified to reduce complexity and to ensure a better conceptual understanding, which means that selected topics or aspects may be omitted or not highlighted from all angles.

Use the information – but remember to get professional advice

It is your (the user’s) responsibility as a business owner to ensure that you know the legal consequences of your actions and, thus, also to consult a patent attorney or legal advisor before you act on anything you learned or concluded based on Products, Services, and Content provided by PATENTsmarter™.

Although PATENTsmarter™ can help streamline your work and highlight available opportunities and risks to consider, it cannot replace seeking advice from a patent attorney or legal advisor.

Your specific situation, business model, product details, competitor situation, and behavior are some of the aspects affecting your legal status and may, in some cases, seem to contradict what you learned in, e.g., specific PATENTsmarter™ courses.

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Any person can learn with PATENTsmarter™, but results will vary and depend on case-specific details, understanding of the content presented, the personal effort involved in translating it, and the competence of advisors, as explained above.

If you want my hands-on support as your counsel, this can not be done through PATENTsmarter™. You can reach out to me through my consultancy agreement with Larsen & Birkeholm; however, since this is an entirely independent business, please do not expect discounts or other perks due to the purchase of PATENTsmarter™ products. I only offer a limited number of counseling hours at Larsen & Birkeholm, so you may need to reach out in good time if you would like my case-specific services.