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You get your PATENTsmarter™-account once you invest in one of my idearlify® products → check out what’s in the shop to learn more about intellectual property rights and how to make it work for your business!

wondering what idearlify® means...?!

“Idearlify®” is the brand name of all the knowledge products I make here in PATENTsmarter™. The idearlify® products are all about protecting your ideas that you turn into products, content, and success with actions – so you can grow your business and keep the profit your ideas, inventions, and products generate. When you come across a product with “idearlify®” in the name, you can trust that it’s one of my top picks for you, generated by or made in collaboration with PATENTsmarter™.

Idearlify®PRODUCTS can be many things

But always aims at being "hands-on-knowledge" accesible throug your idearlify®ACCOUNT !

Just so you know, you can find free resources outside your idearlify®ACCOUNT as well. Check out the copy-defense blog or social media posts to learn more about defending your business. It’s a great way to supplement what you learn in your courses, webinars, or workshops, and to keep your knowledge fresh. This way, you can keep all the profits from your hard work and not give them away to sneaky copycats.

If you’re an idearlify®ACCOUNT holder, you already have access to online courses, webinars, workshops, and tailor-made solutions that can help you learn how to protect your business and succeed. Take a look at what these formats can offer below, and see if they’re a good fit for you or your team’s learning style.

Online courses

Online courses

Unlock the potential of your business with idealify®ONLINEcourses. My courses are designed to give you practical knowledge and easy-to-use tools that will help you transform your vision into a thriving business. But that’s not all – I’ll also show you how to protect your ideas from thieving competitors.

With my results-driven approach, you’ll be able to apply your new skills right away. My workbooks, checklists, and tools are tailored to your needs, so you can get the most out of your training. 

Prevention is the best defense, and Idealify®ONLINEcourses can help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Tap on the image or click here to discover the courses page. Alternatively, head to the idearlify®SHOP page to start your journey to success today!

Webinars, workshops & events

If you’re someone who loves to learn by asking questions and focusing on one topic at a time, I would be delighted to assist you.

My resources, which include workshops, webinars, and events, are tailored to specific topics and can help you stay ahead of the competition. However, please note that newsletter members will be given priority access to these events due to limited seats.

Events may be held in Danish or English – so make sure to choose one in a language that you understand and like to learn in. To visit the events page, please click here or on the image. 

1:1 sparring session & bundles

As a PATENTsmarter™ learner, you have the power to strike the perfect balance between independent study and collaborative learning. And when it comes to product protection and copy-defense, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Through individual sparring sessions that can be booked as individual lessons, discounted bundles, or preset combination packages, you can take your skills to new heights. So go ahead and click on that image to access the booking page or on this link: Link to the idearlify®SPARRING booking page.

Tailor-made solutions

I am confident that I can provide you with the assistance you need for your intellectual property knowledge gaps and development needs. If you are considering a customized course, webinar, or personalized presentation for your business, department, students, association, or club members, I am here to help.

Simply click on the image or click here to send your request, and we can schedule a brief call to discuss further details. This call is exploratory and without any obligations to commit.

Read more about how tailor-made solutions work by clicking here or on the image: Link to more information.

Additionally, I highly recommend that you check out the blog post about the 6+ most essential tools that you should know if you are creating anything worth having, making, or selling. It may be helpful for you to envision what you would like to include in your tailor-made solution because it gives you a business-type list of suggestions on where I would start to learn if I were an entrepreneur, startup, leader, researcher, or product developer in an SME. 

DISCLAIMER: PATENTsmarter™ content is not legal advice

PATENTsmarter™ is not a patent law firm and does not provide legal or any other advice.

PATENTsmarter™ is an informational and educational website operated by European Patent Attorneys, particularly the Owner, founder, and CEO of PATENTsmarter™, Gyde Balzer Carstensen.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before using the information offered in the shop or by any other means by PATENTsmarter™.

All Products and Services, Blogs, Mentoring, Tailor-made Solutions, Events, Webinars, Workshops, and more, including any Material or Content shared by PATENTsmarter™, are for educational and illustrative purposes only, aimed at better understanding the law and its potential opportunities and risks, and cannot be construed as legal advice.

Simplification may be necessary to improve the conceptual understanding

The content is not guaranteed to be correct or updated with recent national or international law changes. Sometimes concepts have been simplified to reduce complexity and to ensure a better conceptual understanding, which means that selected topics or aspects may be omitted or not highlighted from all angles.

Use the information – but remember to get professional advice

It is your (the user’s) responsibility as a business owner to ensure that you know the legal consequences of your actions and, thus, also to consult a patent attorney or legal advisor before you act on anything you learned or concluded based on Products, Services, and Content provided by PATENTsmarter™.

Although PATENTsmarter™ can help streamline your work and highlight available opportunities and risks to consider, it cannot replace seeking advice from a patent attorney or legal advisor.

Your specific situation, business model, product details, competitor situation, and behavior are some of the aspects affecting your legal status and may, in some cases, seem to contradict what you learned in, e.g., specific PATENTsmarter™ courses.

Expectations, results, and success

PATENTsmarter™ does not guarantee or promise specific results or outcomes for businesses or individuals participating in or using Products or Services provided via this web page or associated Services.

Your business, your responsibility – remember to seek critical advice before you act

Any person can learn with PATENTsmarter™, but results will vary and depend on case-specific details, understanding of the content presented, the personal effort involved in translating it, and the competence of advisors, as explained above.

If you want my hands-on support as your counsel, this can not be done through PATENTsmarter™. You can reach out to me through my consultancy agreement with Larsen & Birkeholm; however, since this is an entirely independent business, please do not expect discounts or other perks due to the purchase of PATENTsmarter™ products. I only offer a limited number of counseling hours at Larsen & Birkeholm, so you may need to reach out in good time if you would like my case-specific services.


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ANSVARSFRASKRIVELSE: PATENTsmarter™ er ikke juridisk rådgivning

PATENTsmarter™ er ikke et patentkonsulentfirma og yder ikke rådgivning, hverken juridisk eller andre former for rådgivning.

PATENTsmarter™ er et informations- og uddannelseswebsted, der drives af European Patent Attorneys, herunder specifikt ejeren, grundlæggeren og CEO for PATENTsmarter™, Gyde Balzer Carstensen.

Læs venligst vores Forretningsbetingelser før du bruger de oplysninger, som PATENTsmarter™ tilbyder i shoppen eller på anden måde.

Alle produkter og tjenester, blogs, mentoring (1:1 sparring), skræddersyede løsninger, events, webinarer, workshop m.m., herunder materiale eller indhold, der deles af PATENTsmarter™ , er udelukkende til uddannelsesmæssige og illustrative formål, der har til formål at give en bedre forståelse af loven og dens potentielle muligheder og risici, og kan ikke opfattes som juridisk rådgivning.

En forenkling kan være nødvendig for at forbedre den begrebsmæssige forståelse

Indholdet garanteres ikke for at være korrekt eller opdateret med de seneste nationale eller internationale lovændringer. Nogle gange er begreberne blevet forenklet for at reducere kompleksiteten og sikre en bedre begrebsmæssig forståelse, hvilket betyder, at udvalgte emner eller aspekter kan udelades eller ikke belyses fra alle vinkler.

Brug oplysningerne – men husk at få professionel rådgivning

Det er dit (brugerens) ansvar som virksomhedsejer at sikre, at du kender de juridiske konsekvenser af dine handlinger og derfor også at konsultere en patentadvokat eller juridisk rådgiver, før du handler på baggrund af noget, du har lært eller konkluderet på baggrund af produkter, tjenester og indhold leveret af PATENTsmarter™ .

Selv om PATENTsmarter™ kan hjælpe dig med at strømline dit arbejde og fremhæve muligheder og risici, kan det ikke erstatte rådgivning fra en patentadvokat eller juridisk rådgiver.

Din specifikke situation, forretningsmodel, produktdetaljer, konkurrencesituation og adfærd er nogle af de aspekter, der påvirker din juridiske status, og kan i nogle tilfælde synes at være i modstrid med det, du har lært i f.eks. specifikke PATENTsmarter™.

Forventninger, resultater og succes

PATENTsmarter™ garanterer eller lover ikke specifikke resultater eller resultater for virksomheder eller enkeltpersoner, der deltager i eller bruger produkter eller tjenester, der leveres via denne webside eller tilknyttede tjenester.

Din virksomhed, dit ansvar – husk at søge forretningskritisk rådgivning, før du handler

Alle kan lære med PATENTsmarter™, men resultaterne vil variere og afhænge af sagsspecifikke detaljer, forståelse af det præsenterede indhold, den personlige indsats, der er forbundet med at oversætte det, og rådgivernes kompetence, som forklaret ovenfor.

Hvis du ønsker min praktiske støtte som din rådgiver, kan dette ikke ske gennem PATENTsmarter™. Du kan kontakte mig via min konsulentaftale med Larsen & Birkeholm; men da dette er en helt uafhængig virksomhed, skal du ikke forvente rabatter eller andre fordele som følge af køb af PATENTsmarter™. Jeg tilbyder kun et begrænset antal rådgivningstimer hos Larsen & Birkeholm, så det kan være nødvendigt at kontakte mig i god tid, hvis du ønsker min sagsspecifikke service.