Don’t watch
copy you!
Stop them!

Learn how to stop the infringing copy with:
Different tools, strategies, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, contracts, design protection

Don't let them copy your competitive edge

On this website, you will find courses (mainly online courses), workshops (live and online), and events (webinars, short and full-day formats) packed with actionable knowledge about intellectual property rights, related laws, and best practices that are proven to work and used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Learning these things with PATENTsmarter™ will help you spot and protect the essential elements, parts, and layers of your product and business with the right tools and in a business-relevant scope.

Why learn about copy defense & prevention at PATENTsmarter™?

I am a European Patent Attorney and Certified Danish Patent Agent by training build PATENTsmarter’s™ knowledge-base and products on my more than 14 years in intellectual property, primarily in patent specialist roles in innovative companies like Novo Nordisk, H. Lundbeck, and Zealand Pharma, and on my continuous studies and career in this field.

Learn how to protect your successful products against copy attempts & other abuses

If your customers like it, your competition is jealous and it's "easy" to imitate - you must learn how to deal with copy attacks

If you make products that your customers want and that your competition is jealous of, you have to expect someone to copy them eventually.

Additionally, the risk is even more significant if the copy is easily performed, i.e., technical means are available to make it happen.

Naturally, all businesses are at risk, not just large businesses with world-changing products. Copy businesses come in different sizes too, so if your product is attractive and copyable, someone sneaky will likely try to copy it.

Who needs knowledge about IPRs?

Anyone who invests in products providing value

The products I offer are not solely focused on fighting copycats; they also include aspects like preventing idea-theft and other abuses by, e.g., collaboration partners or customers.

The boxes below provide links to pages with offers relevant to these business forms. However, the shop provides options for sorting by other categories, including product type, assets (content, ideas, etc.), and tools (patent, trademark, copyright, contracts, and more).

It's not only about preventing & stopping the illegal copy

Don't forget to protect other assets that impact your success, even if they are not part of the product as such

Tools for product protection and your copy defense are listed below. If you scroll further down, you’ll find another box row with examples of products and assets known to be copied, stolen, of abused, aka protection-worthy aspects of your business.
Obtained to protect:
How something works, e.g., function via parts.
Used for protection of:
The look and feel, e.g., furniture dimensions.
Exclusive rights to:
Use of e.g., word or figure, e.g., logo or company name.
Specific protection of: Original elements, e.g., content, such as text or image.
E.g., customer safety and fair competition.
Excluding others from:
Competitive edge, through, e.g., ideas.

"I studied patent and IP law, so you don't have to but still get to use it for stopping the copy!" - yours truly, Gyde

Physical, online or digital products? Anyone can stay ahead of the copy

learn with PATENTsmarter™ knowledge packaged into 5 offer formats

Since we all have preferences when we want (or have to) learn new stuff, I want to offer different ways to tackle your knowledge needs.
Although each format is adapted to fit the learning option you select below, they all provide access to knowledge, experience, and best practices usually “hidden” in specialist departments in large companies that can afford to employ patent and IP experts.

Online Course photo with laptop and notepad on desk
Step-by-step foundation
Online Courses
Take things at your own pace, learn one step at a time and learn in your pajamas if you want.

Online courses are a great way to learn flexibly and revisit things when you need to.
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Photo of a computer keyboard and a clock, a sigt showing the word events
Learn & ask questions
Events & Webinars
If you like to ask questions while your learning (online or in person), the shorter events or webinars are a great way of doing just that.
Tell me about events
Blackboard with illustrations and symbols for workshop tasks and outcomes
Intense, focused & productive
Ready to get far within a few days. Do you like an intense, but assisted format?

Then join one of the workshops, with 8-16 others who want a headstart too.
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a light bulb with the word mentoring spelled insde
Kickstart your next step
1:1 Mentoring
Need 1:1 teacher support? I can relate.

Book me for a 1:1 mentoring session, so you can take your next steps confidently.

(NB: No legal advice)
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Team development
Tailor-made solutions
Want to help your team, not to overlook risks and opportunities so they can increase your business' value?

Tailor-made courses or workshops are your solution.
Make it fit what I need

What is copied, stolen & abused?

-by for example copycats, pirates, dubious collaboration partners, or customers

Since the loss of such competitive edge may be the downfall of a company’s success or future opportunities to grow, many businesses minimize vulnerabilities towards being, e.g., copied, imitated, stolen, shared by mistake, or abused. Check out the below list that highlights some assets and product types that are often a direct result of investments (education, commitment, creativity, research, time, money, and more) and, with time, and more investments, develop into a competitive edge.

Bags illustrating original vs. copy- side by side

6 boxes highlighting assets that are valuable to most businesses

The list of valuable assets that most businesses consider protection-worthy provides examples; however is not a final list of everything that can be protected against being copied, stolen, or abused within your business.

Other aspects, such as inventions, trade secrets, contracts, etc., are equally important. They will be highlighted in future content that you can find in, for example, the blog posts, newsletters, social media, and the products I offer.

Function, process & use


Look, touch & feel


Recognition & goodwill 

skills &

Presentation & style


Competitive edge  drivers


Who makes, offers & sells

You don't need to become a legal expert by any means

- but you have to know how to use your rights without hurting yourself or blocking future opportunities

Obviously, you have attorneys and lawyers to take care of the nitty-gritty in the lawbooks and when you need to execute or draft applications and registrations. But it’s essential to understand your options, opportunities, and risks to make informed decisions that can save time, money, and stress.

Don’t just avoid things because you are overwhelmed or say yes to expensive solutions because you are afraid that the pragmatic choice is not safe enough.

I do not offer legal advice at PATENTsmarter™, but you can reach me at Larsen & Birkeholm, where I practice as an IP and patent advisor a few hours per week if you need specific advice on a case. PATENTsmarter™ operates independently of Larsen & Birkeholm.