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So you know WHAT to THINK & DO WHEN, to protect your IDEA & PRODUCT from being stolen or copied!




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idea - invention - product protection- patent knowledge - inspiration - product development
Are you having IDEAS for a product? Or have you already CREATED or IMPROVED one?

PATENTsmarterTM has courses on how to protect your idea, invention or product. BEFORE someone STEALS or COPIES it!

Patent knowledge & more:

1) How you figure out if your product or idea is an INVENTION?

2) Find out if it can be PATENTED.

3) Learn about other TOOLS TO PROTECT your product.

4)  FIND INSPIRATION to make or improve your product in new databases. Not many know or use this resource!

5) Get insights into what successful INVENTORS do.

6) Learn about things that INDICATE that you made an invention.

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8 tools to protect your product - product protection - patent knowledge - intellectual property

8 powerful tools

In these courses you will learn about AT LEAST 8 TOOLS. Use these tools right - and you are able to protect your idea, invention or product. 

Learn how to protect BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. This means, before you tell, show or sell it to anyone.

Tools we talk about:

  1. Patents
  2. Utility Models
  3. Design Protection
  4. Trademarks (words, figures)
  5. Copyright
  6. Trade Secret 
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Combinations of the above
  9. "Open source" strategies - publication

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Can it be patented - patentability - search  - patent advisor - how to get a patent - invention

Not straightforward

It is not always straightforward to understand IF YOU CAN PATENT what you invented or developed.

We have prepared courses for you that explain exactly what to do, so you can find out if your invention can and should be patented.

Inventions & patent knowledge

1) WHAT YOU CAN DO YOURSELF to get closer to your goal of finding out if it can be patented.

2) We explain WHY it is important that you get PROFESSIONAL ADVICE on your specific case on top of what you can do yourself.

3) Let us help you UNDERSTAND what the PATENT ADVISOR does and what you can expect from the process.

4) Make it easier for your PATENT ADVISOR to help you. Learn how you prep your paperwork before your first meeting and SAVE MONEY because of it.

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Patent - patent application - how to draft a patent application - patent knowledge - procedures - choices

You want a patent granted. You want to make sure that it protects your product from being stolen or copied? Start with a well crafted patent application.

Get an overview 

We have courses that provide brief OVERVIEWS of the necessary patent knowledge you need to draft good patent applications and steps in the process you need to know.

In other courses we provide IN-DEPTH explanations of BACKGROUND for & REASONING why you need this knowledge, and BEST PRACTICES for drafting. We also provide WORKSHEETS that you can use to work with your invention and patent application to make it better - faster.

Procedures & choices

We also cover the steps in the patenting process and the different paths towards a granted patent. Those paths present different options to get patents where you need them, and may have different upsides and drawbacks - so very important patent knowledge to be aware of. Let us help you find out what your options are and which paths may be good dependent on different scenarios.

Tips & Tricks

Get tips on how to postpone some costs until you know more about the commercial potential of your product.

Use your patent knowledge

Learn how to use the patent knowledge you get here in the best possible way to plan and support the patent application drafting process.

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Patent knowledge - product protection - STARTER KIT - use - impress - brush-up

Beginners Guide & More

Are you NEW TO INVENTING or PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT? You may work for a company where innovation and product development is key. Or you may have started your OWN BUSINESS as an entrepreneur, where you develop your own products.

Regardless of what you do, you need a basic PRODUCT PROTECTION & PATENT KNOWLEDGE.

Basic product protection & patent knowledge 

We have a series of basic courses that you can use to build your product protection and patent knowledge from for example our STARTER KIT. These courses get your bases covered about product protection and patent knowledge, so you can be more confident about product protection and important terms and phrases used.

You can UPGRADE your patent knowledge with other courses later.

Knowledge not just for beginners

The basic courses are also a great resource for you who needs a BRUSH-UP. It can be difficult to remember everything, when you are not working with patents on a daily basis.

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Risking product protection - Pitfalls - Ruin options for patent - patent knowledge

Working with others may be key for your product development. But be aware that collaborations are NOT RISK FREE! 

Avoid common pitfalls

Learn how to MINIMIZE THE RISKS in collaborations - let us give you guidance of what you can do. Most importantly, we want to explain how to avoid the most common PITFALLS. We teach you how to talk about your idea, invention or product without ruining your chances of protection!

When you talk about things

YOU NEED TO KNOW that whenever you discuss, show or sell your product to someone BEFORE you used one of the 8 Tools, you may RISK bad things happening without being aware of it:


  2. LESS CONTROL, or potentially loss of control about what is/is not published about your idea, invention or product.

Any of these risks can happen on purpose or by accident - and in any type of collaboration. You can learn about when to be extra aware in our courses.

Use your knowledge

Use the product protection and patent knowledge you build with our courses, so you naturally will become aware of any pitfalls ahead.

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Invention - product is a series of inventions - patent portfolio - earn back - ROI

A series of inventions

A PRODUCT that you want to sell is very often a SERIES OF INVENTIONS. It is a bit like an onion with several layers or a layer cake.

Learn how to PROTECT EACH LAYER. Use this to START a protection strategy and DEVELOP it during your product development- This is also called to start and develop a patent portfolio.

What is the purpose?

The GOAL of doing this is to GAIN enough TIME on the market, where no-one may copy what you protected. In this time you can EARN BACK the investment you made & PROFIT from the sales of the protected product!

Standard project 

We use a STANDARD PROJECT to exemplify things to build your strategic product protection and patent knowledge. We do this so you can apply bits and pieces of knowledge to the project type you are using.

Specific technologies

In the future, we will provide TECHNOLOGY SPECIFIC STRATEGIES, such as in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech, mechanics, digital inventions and electronics. If you have a suggestion for  a field that you think is missing, please let us know by using the below contact form. We are here to help you!

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Blocking rights - 3rd party patents - patent knowledge - owned by others- covered by others

All clear for launch

Are you about to launch? Are you sure that no-one owns patents or other rights that can BLOCK YOU?  

Knowing other people's rights should always be a priority. In many technology fields, knowing other people's patent rights early is a form of information or patent knowledge that is crucial for decisions in the product development and sales strategy. In patent-speak this is also called to check if you have "Freedom to Operate".

Avoid misspent money

More often than not, especially for small companies, it is critical to know about potentially blocking rights. Preferably long time before a potential launch, so you avoid spending money on something you end up not being allowed to sell.

Handle the risks

The courses in this category provides knowledge about how to find, evaluate the risk of and handle 3rd party rights, thus rights owned by others than you.

Practice - it is a different kind of patent knowledge

It is worthwhile to spend some time to get used to this type of patent knowledge, as it is an different way of thinking about patents compared to our usual way of viewing them as a protection shield.

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✖ Doubts about product protection or patents.

✖ Anxiety about making wrong decisions.

✖ Frantic, last-minute searching the internet for answers.

✖ Long and irrelevant full day courses.

✖ Feeling unsure and ill prepared.

✖ Surprises about the process.


 Know how to protect your idea & why you want to.

 Make informed decisions about costs, timing and more.

✔ Get everything you need in one place, when you need it. 

✔ Work with what you know well & focus on your product.

 Learn from the procedures other companies use.

 Save time & money – spend it on important things!


Huge help in guiding us through pitfalls and opportunities, and securing a successful progress

When our company sought to file its first patent application, Gyde from PATENTsmarterTM was a huge help in guiding us through pitfalls and opportunities, and securing a successful progress of the task. I highly recommend Gyde.

Jonas Nørrelund Lindgreen

CEO & Inventor, HouseTest


 Learn about more than just patents… Get your fill overview of tools to use in your business, to keep copycats out of your hair.

The only thing you need to do, is to enroll into one of our courses.

 Use our resources to find and prepare the best possible product protection for your product!

 And become a confident user of e.g. the patent system, attorneys and advisors.

After competent sparring with Gyde, I now have a much better overview of the process and direction

Gyde from PATENTsmarterTM has helped a lot in my journey towards my first patent. I felt that the patent world is a jungle. I contacted PATENTsmarterTM, because it was hard for me to judge which direction was right for me. After competent sparring with Gyde, I now have a much better overview of the process and direction. She has been able to guide me towards two competent people from her large network, who can help me in my specific technology field. From here; Gyde and PATENTsmarterTM are highly recommendable!

Mathias Willumsen


It really helped a lot!!! Big thumbs up from here! Highly recommend her!

PATENTsmarterTM made me realize that I had no sense at all about anything concerning patent, copyright and trademarks. I spent 20 minutes where Gyde got me up to speed on things and drew attention to different rules in different countries. It really helped a lot!!! Big thumbs up from here! Highly recommend her!

Omran Hamidi

CEO, Skyline Card

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