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Want to avoid to be copy victim - or to be accused of copying?

use your rights & copy-defense to defy unjust


Suppose you like to read things. And don’t like videos for learning. E-books may be your preferred choice for getting things started.

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace, from the office, couch, or on the go. Online courses are for you if you need flexibility and an option to revisit what you need when you need it.

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Tailor-made solutions

Want to help your team not to overlook risks and opportunities so they can increase your business’ value? Tailor-made courses or workshops are your solutions. Click here to send a non-binding request to talk about potential solutions.


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Free resources

Check out the blog, where I share knowledge and stories about using tools and strategies to protect your work and products against abuse and copies.


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Stop copy, theft & abuse with the right tools & strategies


Definitely helpful in protecting how something works, e.g., function via parts.

Design protection

Available in some countries for protection of the look and feel, e.g., furniture dimensions.


Are commonly used to achieve exclusive rights to: Use of e.g., word or figure, e.g., logo or company name.


Often relied on for its specific protection of: Original elements, e.g., content, such as text or image.

Other laws

Are not as well-known but absolutely worth for protecting, e.g., customer safety and fair competition.

Trade secrets

It should be noted that they are powerful if you can keep things 100% secret. Then they can protect your competitive edge.

Learning with PATENTsmarter™

Can you benefit?

Especially entrepreneurs with solo businesses, freelancers, online course creators, writers, authors, and artists need to learn how to prevent others from stealing their hard earned money.

You probably heard that you can’t protect your online-material, online course, or sales page against copies or plagiarism.

Obviously, I am of the opionion that’s not true

Therefore I am building special online courses and workshops for you! It’s a series called StopOnlineCopy™, so when you are ready to learn – look for this tag in the shop.

Obviously business owners, decision-makers, team and board members and everyone who works with or in startups need to know about asset protection.  While you just started building a very important thing and want it to get traction – you need to be responsible and secure your return of investment (ROI).

What if it turns out as a blockbuster?

Along with basic patent courses I offer a variety of courses to help your startup flourish. Safeguarding your future growth will also make it easier to attract funding and commercial partners.

Make sure to visit the shop or ask for a 1:1 mentoring session to get things started.

Whether your company has reached a certain size or you want to to grow into an SME (or maybe even a corporate business).

Growing the business, means growing responsibilities

However, when you do that, your responsibility to protect your assets and products against abuse and copies also grows. Investors and stakeholders need to see that you are actively working to safeguard the value they trusted you with.

Regardless your role, chances are your actions can affect the options you have to protect your innovation and future plans.

Along with finding the right balance of IP risk management, establishing a proactive opportunity capture workflow is key to support your success. Increase your chances for success by a factor of 6 (I will follow up with a blog post about this very soon!)

Get ready in time to attract funding and partners

Let me teach you how to think like a corporate business so that your IP portfolio looks beautiful in the eye of the investors and board members or attractive to acquire.

Whether you need a general online courses  (find it in the shop) or need a tailor-made solution to make sure you get it right – you found you place to develop.

It’s essential to understand how your function’s, group’s and team’s behavior impacts the risks and opportunities related to intellectual property.

Everyone is essential in securing protection opportunities

Did you know that everyone involved in innovation, repairs, improvements, development, external partnerships, expert collaborations, and more are essential to our business? It may come as a surprise, but all of these roles can impact opportunities related to intellectual property and potentially create risks.

Make better choices

Knowing about this can assist you in making intelligent choices and developing successful plan.

Everyone is responsible for spotting valuable matter

If you make people more aware of intellectual property rights related to your project or department, it will be easier for them to plan and secure a profitable return in the future.

Your IP and patent department is busy

These departments tend to be busy, so doing all you can to assist them is essential. And it all begins with understanding the fundamentals of how the law operates.

Even if you have a team for your IP and patents, working together is essential to identify opportunities and avoid any possible risks.

Please take a look at what I have for you!

What do they copy, steal or misuse?​

Anything that makes it possible for you to create and sell the product that your customers love, your competitors wish they had invented or created before you and are “easy” or profitable to copy.

In other words: If it’s a great business for you, it may very well be an awesome business case for a copycat!

Whether you make a device, the next medicine or tractor wheel. Your physical products often have a new or unique function, process or  use.

Although you may think that designs are mostly about the looks of something, the touch and feel  also be worth protecting against copies.

Recognition, trust and goodwill of your brand is often a huge part of what sells your products. Do you know which business , product names, or logos you can forbid others to use in their business?

Everything that drives your competitive edge is of value to your business. Safeguards you ideas, strategies and other know-how against abuse and theft from those you trust.

While copied concepts can frustrate many, there is more to effective protection of business models, than pointing fingers at your competitors. On the other hand your content, photos, texts and manuscripts may be easier to keep safe.

Trust in collaborations is essential, but it is not always enough.  Understanding how to stay in control and build trusting relationships is essential.

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Who is PATENTsmarter™

I am a European Patent Attorney and Certified Danish Patent Agent, and I have worked with intellectual property for more than 14 years.

In my various patent specialist positions in companies like Novo Nordisk, H. Lundbeck, and Zealand Pharma.

I was responsible for finding and protecting parts and layers in ongoing projects. In particular, my job was to safeguard the future and market products against infringers.


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