Make Protecting

Your Business 

The No. 1 Priority


I make courses so you can defend your business against illegal copies


I help you get the big picture and how to “insure” your investments


Learn & get started today – so no one makes money on your work!


PATENTsmarter™ is a home for knowledge and growth

And the knowledge is for you, if you make products, create value and solutions to your customers needs.

You can prevent and protect your business against illegal abuse – regardless of its  physical or digital nature, or a service you provide;

You just need to know how – and most importantly when.

Make sure that the skills and solutions, that you spent time on developing, alone – or in your team continues to be your competitive edge.

Are you ready to defend it? – then you came to the right place.

If you are you okay if others take what is yours and make it theirs, you are wasting your time here…

STOP Copies, piracy & imitation

Losing sales because you’ve been copied or cheated by someone you trusted is bad enough, but damages to your reputation and the trust of your customers can hurt your business even more.

Do more to prevent and stop this from happening! Check out some of the PATENTsmarter™ offers here:

Dreaming of scaling your startup, illustrated by Gyde

Prepare for success in time

Solo-entrepreneurs often forget to prep for success.

Be smart – get ready to defend what you worked for!

Innovative SME dreaming, illustration Gyde

Protect your enterprise

Regardless of your size – I got you covered.

Start upgrading your people’s product protection knowledge today

– so the renevue stays with you

– and no-one else.

Tailormade courses about patent, Gyde

Get a tailor made course

Sometimes a “one-size-fits-all” course is not what you need.

Let me help you with a course – tailor made for your business!

“Don’t be ready WHEN they are – be ready BEFORE they are!”

― Gyde Balzer Carstensen – the best cure against pirates and copycats is prevention!

right first time, or confused to calm, illustrated by Gyde

Learn to do it right the 1st time

Through PATENTsmarter™ you can learn from others’ mistakes and best practices – so you can do things right  the first time.


  • Get access to a curated selection of the education, experience and routines from professional “product protection specialists”, like me and my colleagues.
  • Get the big picture and a better understanding of risks and opportunities, and when to act on them – or wait.
  • Use the course material to work with your assets and revisit them as many times – as you need to. Check what other companies do, and make it fit what your business needs.

Say “no” to knockoffs

Choose to be “PATENT smarter” today

Get ahead of your competition. Learn to protect everything in your business (now and in the future) – from, your product, over sales copy to unique marketing strategies and your good name.

Learn from others, protect yourself

Learn from others what you can protect and how, and know when you need support from patent attorneys or IP lawyers. It’s not enough to hire a consultant – you need to know what to ask for and what to tell them, so they can deliver.

 Know what to choose from and make better decisions

I am a professional in this field, with extensive decision making experience. I invite guest lecturers to add their knowledge to that, so you get different perspectives and insights and see your options. 

No matter what type of business you’ve got

(or are employed in)

– I have useful tools and strategies for you


Certified Danish Patent Agent &

European Patent Attorney


Experience from Global Companies

(e.g. Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck)


Teaching & Mentoring

(e.g. SDU, KU, CBS, ESADE..)

My name is Gyde Balzer Carstensen, I am an IP- and patent specialist, European Patent Attorney, Certified Danish Patent Agent and strategist.

In PATENTsmarter™ I share knowledge and best practices from companies who have been “playing the game” successfully for many years.

What I teach is “self defense” on beginner to expert level – but for businesses of all kinds.

I believe that all entrepreneurs, startups and decision makers in businesses who innovate and create awesome products, deserve to know how to defend their profits – no matter their budget size or experience.

Defending your business revenue is your responsibility, but I can help. Learn the skills today – even if you are not yet  copied or have been copied already.


Today is the the perfect time for prevention.

Why hiring a patent attorney or IP lawyer is not enough…


You’ve spent hours upon hours investing in your product and business development. Now is the time to put some more thought into it all, because you know that there’s a lot of work left to do.

Do you want to prevent, that the time you spend away from those close to you when working so hard for success, goes to waste?

Stop making excuses now while planning early can help take off on this issue in no time at all.

If you do something now, it will be less stressful and much easier than trying to fix things later. Copies and imitations could make or break an investment opportunity if lost completely, due to lack of protection strategy!

Your IP lawyers’ and patent attorney’s quality of work directly correlates with the input you provide – are you doing what needs done?

Here is what you risk if you don’t:


1) Things get lost in translation. They don’t know what you know – and what is important to protect. You don’t understand what to share.

2) Someone loses money. Either you, when you start learning while getting support at an hourly rate  or your attorney who gives free hours.

3) Relying on advice from someone making money on the execution of the same can turn into expensive solutions, not covering your needs.

Stop CopyCat, illustrated by Gyde

Don’t postpone showing up for your business

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