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I completely understand that the laws related to intellectual property can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. But don’t worry, let’s look at them as copy-defense tools. The tools that that can help you protect your creations against being copied by your competition.

Benefit from this quick overview of proven asset-guarding copy-defense tools

This page lets you learn more about the topics covered in my courses and other knowledge-based resources. If you want to understand more about who can benefit from these resources, there is a whole page dedicated to that here: LINK.

6+ essential copy-defense tools

That every entrepreneur and professional must know!

To protect your business and ensure its survival, taking preventive measures against potential threats like copies or abuse by collaboration partners during a confidential and trust-based work commitment is essential. Check them out below and get the ultimate overview of these business-saving tools.

Amber glass laboratory containers including beakers, a bottle, and a flask, arranged on a transparent background. Pharmaceutical products are one example of what could lead to inventions for whihc patents are a great copy-defense tool.


are not for everyone - but for technical stuff

Need protection for “how something works”, parts, ingredients or combos? Patents may be just what you need. Read this and learn more: “What is a patent, what is an invention, what is an idea

Design protection

Are for things that look and feel a certain way

Available in some countries to protect the look and feel, e.g., furniture dimensions. Here is a blog post to understand more about the difference between copyright and design protection.
Three pink daisies in a spherical vase on a pedestal, all in a monochrome pink shade, design protection could be utilized as a copy-defense tool.
Silhouettes of people in various running poses on a black background, depicted in a gradient from yellow to orange. Tradesecrets may be a great way to keep your competitive edge and are thus great copy-defense tools - if you can't or have not yet protected your asset with intellectual property rights.

Trade secrets

are relevant in all businesses! if you can keep 'em secret

Powerful protectors of your competitive edge – if you kept 100% secret, so be careful when you’re networking: Read this blog post for 5 strategies to do so.


name, logo, hastags and words... every business could own them

Perfect for achieving exclusive rights to use words or figures, e.g., your logo or company name. Heres an overview of IPRs, including trademarks.
Three textured orange boxes, symbolizing your product packaging, isolated on a black background. Your name, logo and other brand identifyers go on your packaging - whether it's digital or physical packaging - trademarks are an excellent copy-defense tool for making sure no-one else uses the same name. So choose your name(s) wisely.
A crumpled bright pink paper ball with black handwritten text scattered across its surface, isolated on a black background. Don't let your creative work make profit in your competitir's business - use your copyrights as one way to defend your work and revenue.


guards your words, texts, images, videos and tone of voice

Protect your original elements, e.g., content, text, graphics, video, tone of voice – your business’s “personality.” There’s some overlap between design protection and copyright – which one is best for you? Read more for free here.


Every business needs to know that a publication is permanent

So this is not a protection tool as such – but everything that has been shown or used in public can not be patented or design protected anymore… So it can play a role in your copy-defense. Stay tuned for a blog-post on this.

Person holding a financial newspaper with visible stock market numbers and headlines, colored in shades of purple and pink. Publications and disclostures of your assets and products can impact your (and your competition's) ability to secure intellectual property rights- therefore publications can be good copy-defense tools - but also be used to ruin options. Understand the effect of publication to be safe
Two hands engaging in a credit card transaction depicted in a monochrome red filter. Thus transaction is used to symbolize that investing in copy-defense tools, such as intellectual property rights or other strategies to protect your assets and competitive edge is essential for protecting your revenue stream and profit.

Other laws protecting your business

Other laws such as marketing acts can add value too!

They are not as well-known but absolutely worth protecting, e.g., customer safety and fair competition. Not knowing IPRs and other laws, relevant to businesses can lead to one of these 9 mistakes.

Use the copy-defense tools and knowledge to protect the things that matter, instead of harming yourself and others with misconceptions...

It’s a common misconception that learning to use intellectual property rights is tedious and difficult. And that it is only for the large and already “famous” businesses.

However, it’s not true! You don’t need to have a degree or be a professor to safeguard your business from copyright infringements. You can find out more about this topic right here.

And who can benefit from it?


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