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Imagine the day you discover a copy of your product …

What evokes emotions in you? Can and will you stop selling the copy? What do you do first?

You can call your lawyer – and that’s probably not stupid, but could it not be cool to know what the lawyer needs?

HERE IS A FREE TIP: Do not be tempted to create “I’ve been copied” campaigns.

They can lead to hassles and fines and rarely solve the copy problem.

panic about losing money, Spawn

Her er den kedelige sandhed:


Whether you do online courses, make a living from writing travel blogs, or are good at writing sales pages, website content and ad texts …

Then there is probably a risk that copycats will get busy at the copier the day you succeed!




Du skal bare vide hvordan, være forberedt og kunne samle beviser!


Det er vigtigt at du forebygger og stopper ulovlige kopier af dine produkter!

Whether you’re already successful or on your way – it’s relevant to you. Because when copycats see your success, they get busy at the copier.

In addition to the fact that it can be very provocative, stressful and frustrating that others try to make easy money on what you have worked for, there are many good reasons to stay and be ready to stop illegal copying and counterfeiting:


You may be wasting time and profits (away from family)

It’s often STRONG and it can take a really long time before revenue (and your popularity) is stable and can be predicted with reasonable certainty. Protect your revenue: It only takes a fraction of the time to prevent illegal copies and to get ready to stop them.


You may lose revenue because the copy or imitation pushes the price

The quality, price, content and potential to be confused with you and your product can greatly affect how much or how little customers buy from you – if they have access to “the same” a better price elsewhere.


You can lose revenue because customers buy at the copycat

When you are not ready to take action, or you first need to find out if you are right on your side, you can lose much of your revenue in a short time before the copy is taken off the market – if you can get it removed.


You might be accused to be the imitator - and your reputation can be damaged

Imagine if a more “powerful” player in your industry copies you and you can not prove it. Maybe you’ll look like someone who has imitated the big player – and the trust of customers, colleagues and partners is damaged.


You risk getting a fine while trying to fix the problem

Du kan komme til at håndtere situationen forkert.

For nogle har det virket at følge deres instinkter og pege fingre, lancere kampagner på sociale medier, foretage opkald og true med retssager m.m., MEN FOR MANGE har denne forkerte og  uprofessionelle håndtering ført til enorme skader på omdømmet og store bøder.

Her kan du lære at gøre det rigtigt


Hvis du ved hvad den professionelle måde at gøre tingene på er, så kan du undgå en masse bøvl

– og du kan HURTIGT, EFFEKTIVT og LEGALT få sat en stopper for den kopi som får pengene til at dryppe eller måske endda fosse ud af din virksomhed.


We all let ourselves be inspired by each other …

Drawing the line between inspiration and plagiarism, illustrated by Gyde

But there is a difference between inspiration and imitation

It may well be that you have a really good (moral) feeling, but what does the law really say? Do you know when inspiration turns into an imitation that comes “too close”?


Product name, content, structure, appearance, concept, idea, sales material ...

Some things can be protected, others can not, it can be difficult to see what a copycat can find to copy, what actually provides value to protect, etc. But the answer is probably that if your product is successful then the imitator will as close as possible …


Inspiration, imitation, copy, plagiarism, theft

Yes – we must be inspired by each other. And do it all the time.

It is part of professional research to look at competitors’ material when developing a product – but there are limits and nuances that are important to know when you are a trader.

Do you want to learn what others are not allowed to imitate?


check, Gyde

It must be put into practice

Trin-for-trin guides og procedurer gør det nemmere at komme fra 0% til 100%.

Især når tiden er knap eller erfaringen lille.

check, Gyde

They know what they can & want

They know what they do not want to lose to copycats and therefore protect the core of their business.

They know how to protect what is important!

check, Gyde

Avoids costly mistakes & problems

Store virksomheder bruger meget tid på at træne medarbejdere i at anvende rettigheder og love rigtigt.

Det er for dyrt at lade være.

check, Gyde

Make things routine

They know that you can prepare for crises – and avert the biggest delays, by doing small things in everyday life.

It’s like brushing your teeth!

The good news is called Stop Online Copy ™

Jeg har samlet, det der virker for andre virksomheder, når de stopper ulovlige kopier – og de ting de forbereder.

Det er en serie af kurser lavet til dig, der laver online-vidensprodukter (onlinekurse, e-bøger, hjemmesider m.m.). Serien af kurser består af 3 dele – og hvis du læser om ICE-Guiden, kender du nok allerede TOOLKIT og KOPI-TJEK kurserne.

“AKUTkit” eller  førstehjælpen i” In Case of Emergency (ICE)” – situationer, som det hurtigt kan føles som, når du har spottet en kopi af sit online-kursus, hjemmeside, webshop etc. (Eller hvis du vil være forberedt på det i god tid inden det sker!)


Spotted a copy, illustustration by Gyde

Hvem kan bruge ICE-GUIDEN?

It’s a video course and PDF guide and much more that is especially good for you, which can be found in one of the two descriptions below:


You have right now and here, spotted a copy of your online material.

Køb ICE-GUIDEN, se videolektionerne, download PDF-versionen og udfyld den, et step ad gangen.

Så kan du (hvis du arbejder fokuseret) blive klar til at lave en stop-copycat-handlingsplan allerede dagen efter.

Du får også hjælp til at skrive et blev som hjælper din advokat (hvis du vil bruge sådan en) med at forstå problemet hurtigt – det kan spare en masse tid og penge.


You are working hard on your success and will be ready when the copycat needs to be stopped.

Køb ICE-GUIDEN, og brug den til at forberede dig i god tid og kom endnu hurtigere fra start, når kopien dukker op. (For den dukker altid op når det ikke passer – lige som influenza).

Brug den til at planlægge dit materiale, så det bliver trælst at kopiere.


“I had no idea at all about anything with patent, copyright and trademarks.”

PATENTsmarter™ helped me realize that I had no sense at all with anything with patent, copyright and trademarks. Spent 20 minutes where Gyde put me overall into things and where she drew attention to different rules in different countries. It helped a lot!!! Such a great gift from here! Highly recommended! “

Omran Hamidi

CEO, Entrepreneur, Skyline Card

Hi, my name is Gyde

I want to help you make it difficult for copycats to steal your content on the internet.

I am a patent specialist and have worked with product protection for more than 13 years, i.a. in global companies and smaller startups, where I was responsible for devising protection strategy – and exercising it.

There are not many from my profession and with my experience who have time to teach and share out what well-established companies do to take care of their products and avoid illegal copies.

SO I had to do something about it and I therefore quit my well-paid job as an internal patent specialist and jumped into life as a freelancer to make a living from doing live and online courses in PATENTsmarterTM .

As a solo company, I know how hard it is to be responsible for everything in the company and that sales take up a lot of space in everyday life and how much turnover figures can mean for whether you thrive or not.

Therefore, it is important to me that you, who dare to believe in your product, can be in control of who earns on your work.

Gyde in

Why should you trust me?


Det jeg underviser i StopOnlineCopy™ kurserne, bruger jeg også selv.


I quit my well-paid job teaching you (and others).


Jeg er patentspecialist, Dansk Certificeret Patent Agent og European Patent Attorney.


With more than 13 years of “hands-on” experience in protecting companies’ most important values, I am used to guiding novices and experienced product owners and developers.


I believe that you can protect the quality you give your customers, and therefore it means to me that you get a lot of knowledge for your investment!


Through my experience and research, I have gathered the things that have worked and still work, for other companies.

Se her hvad du får!

With the StopOnlineCopyTM In Case of Emergency (ICE) Guide, you get a structured and manageable step-by-step method so you can prepare to stop illegal copying products in a day or less – and avoid doing anything illegal immens.

Video & Worksheet ICE-Guide mockup

Video Lessons

You get 3 video lessons that explain:

1) The concept of imitation of products and your rights as original producer of knowledge products.

2) The pitfalls, which are easy to fall into.

3) ICE GUIDES 3 steps to get started right away – and increase the chance of stopping an illegal imitation.

VALUE : Over DKK 5.000 (excluding VAT)


Here you can download the working document that you can use to work on the 3 steps that you learn about in video lesson 3. < / p>

– Print and complete the ICE Guide, and manage arguments and evidence.

BONUS: With the template for the letter you can write to the lawyer – if you need one, you can gather thoughts and the best arguments.

VALUE: Over DKK 15,000 (excluding VAT)

ICE bonusser 2


Du får også en række bonusser, som hjælper dig med at omsætte det, du har lært og bygge videre på det.

PÅ den måde kan du få arbejdet med tingene, så de passer til din forretning og de vidensprodukter du laver.

Bonus 1 (Download): Et overblik over hvad du skal med StopOnlineCopyTM ICE-Guide oversigten: Hæng den op på opslagstavlen og bliv mindet om at trække vejret først!

Bonus 2 (Video & Download): Tænk som en copycat, så du er på forkant og kan gøre det svært for den at kopiere det, der er dit.

Brug PDFen til at skabe bevidsthed om de ting du “lægger” i dit vidensprodukt og din indpakning.

Bonus 3 (Video): Advokaten – pengene værd? Jeg har forslag til overvejelser, så du bedre kan fornemme hvad der er det rigtige for dig.

Bonus 4 (Video & Download): Kan du tillade dig at være sur? Her lærer du, hvor grænsen mellem inspiration, efterligning, kopiering og plagiat går.

Undgå overreaktion og falske anklager.

Bonus 5 (Video & Download): Er dit navn optaget? 3 check, så du kan udelukke navne, som andre har ret til eller bruger.

Lad være med at spilde din tid og penge på at udvikle dit VIDENSPRODUKT og salgsmateriale med et navn/logo, der kan føre til en masse bøvl.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

Dette kursus er lavet til dig der deler din viden i digitale vidensprodukter bl.a. onlinekurser (inklusiv video, lives, communities, pdf’er til download, quizzes m.m.), e-bøger, webinars, online-træning, blogs, emails m.m.

Kurset kan også være relevant for dig der ikke ønsker at din blog, eller dine nyhedsbreve kopieres ulovligt, men også for dig der vil beskytte dit markedsføringsmateriale m.m. – fokus er dog på erhvervsmæssig brug.

Kurset indeholder ikke undervisning om beskyttelse imod ulovlig kopiering af software, altså apps i sig selv.

Kurset indeholder ikke, eller kun et meget begrænset omfang af undervisning om beskyttelse imod ulovlig kopiering af opfindelser eller fysiske produkter og beskæftiger sig derfor ikke med patenter som sådan (dette vil du finde separate produkter om i fremtiden se mere på kursus-emnesiden).

Is it also relevant to me who has not done an online course yet?

Yes, it can be a really good thing if you already before your first (or next) product development phase know more about what copy products are, so you can think strategically about the structure and content of your course.

When do I get access to the material?

When the payment is completed, you will receive a series of emails. One of them is a receipt for your purchase and the other is a confirmation that you now have access to your course and how to log in.

Are the courses made in such a way that I have to buy consulting hours from you?

No- I do not offer legal advice of any kind in PATENTsmarter and therefore you can not hire me as a consultant.

The purpose of my courses is to equip you to do more yourself and use tin IP / patent advisor or lawyer where it provides the most value for you.

In other words, I would like to save you an expensive hourly rate for “training” with a lawyer, when you can get a lot more for your money with me – before you even hire a counselor / lawyer.

Can my employee / colleague / consultant see the course I have completed or written on?

You are welcome to show the consultant or colleague the material you have printed and filled in, but he / she may not keep the copy.

If your consultant, friend, colleague or employee (patent attorney or IP attorney) should have access to the material in addition to just showing them, I would ask you to write to me at [email protected] and we will find a good solution , where you do not pay full price for the extra accesses.

You may not share the material with friends, colleagues or your consultants without them also having access and being registered users of my system.

It may seem a bit harsh, but I make a living from doing these courses and would like to ask you to respect my intellectual property and help me take care of it so that I can continue to do courses for you and others.

Right of withdrawal 14 days

Should you (against all expectations) regret your purchase, you can get your money back within 14 days.

It’s easy to do, just send an email to: [email protected]

Then we will fix it quickly.

rigt f