Sådan stopper du ulovlige kopier af din onlineprodukt – uden de 7 kæmpebrølere – TILBUD

Er du blevet kopieret af en konkurrent? Her er din trin-for-trin guide til hvordan du håndterer det. Onlineprodukter er nemme at kopiere, find dig ikke i det.

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Her er trin-for-trin guiden til hvordan du håndterer det​

Onlineprodukter er nemme at kopiere – men det er ulovligt og du skal ikke finde dig i det. Du har flere rettigheder og langt bedre muligheder for at stope ulovlige kopier, end du garanteret tror.

For nej: Kopiering af dine tekster, dit indhold eller din undervisning er ikke et kompliment. Det er ulovligt, og skader din forretning.

Men det er bestemt ikke ligegyldigt hvordan du konfronterer og stopper din kopist, selvom du har loven på din side.

Hent trin-for-trin guiden her, og lær præcis hvad du skal gøre, i hvilken rækkefølge, og vigtigst af alt – hvilke 7 kæmpebrølere du skal undgå.

Lige nu koster den dig kun din e-mail adresse at få e-bogen, til gengæld lærer du hvilke fejl du skal undgå når du prøver at stoppe en copycat. 

Normalt får du den i butikken til 99,-kr plus moms…

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Du får:

Jeg hedder Gyde Balzer Carstensen

Jeg har er European Patent Attorney, Dansk Certificeret Patent Agent og i PATENTsmarter IP-mentor og underviser.

Jeg bruger min erfaring fra over 14 års arbejde med immaterielle rettigheder i store virksomheder som Novo Nordisk og H. Lundbeck til at hjælpe store og små virksomheder med at beskytte deres produkter imod kopier og efterligninger. ​
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”Gyde fra Patentsmarter gav mig lige præcis, hvad jeg havde brug for. Med hendes faglige indblik kunne hun oplyse mig om, hvad der var juridisk muligt og korrekt, og samtidig kunne hun rådgive mig om, hvad der var hensigtsmæssigt at gøre. Gyde er god til at forklare, så man faktisk forstår de tekniske og juridiske aspekter, som man ikke selv er vant til at beskæftige sig med.” 

Marie-Louise Kragelund, APR 2022

Important facts

about your product

This table shows you important facts about your product.

Additional information




Access duration

– It shows you exactly which language (e.g. Danish or English) the product will be delivered in.

– Which level the content is aimed at (e.g. basic or general intro vs. intermediate, or expert level).

– It shows you how long you will have access to your product (e.g. 6 months access to a download link or 2 years access to the course home page – depending on the product format you purchased).

– And which format the product has (e.g. E-book, online course, workshop, webinar etc.)

This product is made for the busines stype and product type listed after the lable “relevant for”.

If the product belongs to a specific product series, you can find it listed after the label “Series”

Depending on the product you purchased, you will be given access to the product via a link or by being registered to the page’s learning platform.

If you purchased:

  • An E-book: You will receive an email with a download-link to get your PDF-file which contains your purchased e-book. You will have access to the link for a defined “access duration”.
  • Online Course: You will receive a welcome email with a confirmation of your purchase and registration for a profile on the PATENTsmarter™ learning platform. In that email, you will receive information on how to login to to your PATENTsmarter™ account where you will get access to your online course(s) as purchased. You have to log in to your account to view videos and get access to the material associated with the online course. You access will be valid for the “access duration” as shown under question 1. above).
  • Workshops & Events (online and in person): You will receive a welcome email with a confirmation of your purchase and registration for a profile on the PATENTsmarter™ learning platform where you will get access to the workshop material that you can use to prepare for the workshop  or Event day(s). In that email, you will receive information on how to login to to your PATENTsmarter™ account. You have to log in to your account to view videos and get access to the material associated with the Workshop or Event – whether it is or preparation or for your follow up work. Please note that there will be an expiry date for the access. Please find the “access duration under question 1. above).
  • Webinars, Tailor-made solutions, 1:1 mentoring: You will receive an email with the confirmation of your purchase and further instructions as to next steps, dates and locations.

For all purchases I am offering a 14-days right of return and cancellation for e-books, downloadable audiobooks or courses if the book or courses has not been downloaded and/or viewed (the link has not been clicked).

No right of withdrawal is granted for e-books, downloadable audio books, courses, workshops, events etc. and associated material, if the one or more links has been clicked and the download or stream has begun. Before you checkout you will be asked to confirm that you have read and consent to the terms & conditions, which are stating these exceptions from the right of withdrawal.

You do of course have the right to complain if there is anything wrong with the product, which prohibits the intended use.

Please reach out to me on [email protected] and I (or my team) will take care of the technical issue right away.

You should consider which level of difficulty you choose to purchase. All products indicate this (see question 1. in this list). 

The basic and general intro learning options (all formats) have only one prerequisite: You have to understand how a business works. Without this knowledge you can not protect your business. 

If you are uncertain before purchasing a product, I recommend to reach out before you purchase to clarify any insecurities. 

I am happy to help find out whether or not you will be in a position to understand the content.

An alternative solution is, that you make sure to purchase a solution with built-in options for asking questions or being guided, e.g. such as 1:1 mentoring, tailor-made-solutions, workshops, webinars or events. Some online-courses come with a Q/A session too.

No. PATENTsmarter™ does not offer legal advice.

The courses and content that I provide a general knowledge and can not take all possible options into account.

They can help you to prepare for the collaboration and with many of the considerations you have to go through before and after you hire a patent attorney or IP lawyer.

→ But it can never replace the guidance, specific evaluations  and legal advice that your advisors can provide. Please make sure to review the full statement before your purchase any of m products: NO LEGAL ADVICE.




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PATENTsmarter™ is an informational and educational website operated by European Patent Attorneys, particularly the Owner, founder, and CEO of PATENTsmarter™, Gyde Balzer Carstensen.

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Simplification may be necessary to improve the conceptual understanding
The content is not guaranteed to be correct or updated with recent national or international law changes. Sometimes concepts have been simplified to reduce complexity and to ensure a better conceptual understanding, which means that selected topics or aspects may be omitted or not highlighted from all angles.
Use the information – but remember to get professional advice
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Although PATENTsmarter™ can help streamline your work and highlight available opportunities and risks to consider, it cannot replace seeking advice from a patent attorney or legal advisor.

Your specific situation, business model, product details, competitor situation, and behavior are some of the aspects affecting your legal status and may, in some cases, seem to contradict what you learned in, e.g., specific PATENTsmarter™ courses.
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If you want my hands-on support as your counsel, this can not be done through PATENTsmarter™. You can reach out to me through my consultancy agreement with Larsen & Birkeholm; however, since this is an entirely independent business, please do not expect discounts or other perks due to the purchase of PATENTsmarter™ products. I only offer a limited number of counseling hours at Larsen & Birkeholm, so you may need to reach out in good time if you would like my case-specific services.