Patent and copy protection for startups

DON’t let the knowledgegap choose your future growth potential

Even though “minimal viable products” are your strategy, you are creating the basis for your business right now – and now may be the best – and maybe even the only – time to protect what will make up for your return of investment many years ahead. The revenue you can create fast today can thus be a direct reason for weakening your defense in the future.

Make sure that your decisions are based on well-informed foundations – so you (partners and investors) don’t face unpleasant surprises and regrets later on or spend time and money on developing a product you can’t defend.

When you can show that you can fight off copies, your competitors, investors and partners take a risk solely on your products performance, which is much safer than factoring in the risk of sharing the profits with copying businesses.

The first step is to learn about your options and the consequences of actions and non-actions.  Then you can choose how to protect your startup’s future growth with your eyes wide open.

Here, you can grow your knowledge and learn about options, so you can benefit from rights, tools and strategies that already work well for other companies.

Book 1:1

Fix it, illustrated by Gyde

PATENTsmarter 1:1™ Mentoring & Coaching

Book a PATENTsmarter 1:1™ online meeting with Gyde, if you want to kickstart your learning process.

Or maybe you need to figure out what your next steps for protecting your business could be – but you don’t have the time to take courses right now.

These mentoring and coaching calls, are not legal advice, but can help you with finding your direction fast and get you started or ready for asking the right questions, when time is the essence.

Tailored Course

Tailor made illustrated by Gyde

STARTUPsmarter™ courses that fit you

Do you discuss the same copy-protection topics in your startup? Did you hire employees or work with consultants, that are developing innovative products with you?

Would you like a professional perspective from an experienced specialist to understand how to navigate in these new settings, and what risks and opportunities you may face?

Or would you like to train your employees in handling confidential information, trade secrets, how to spot invention – or something completely different relating to product protection or patents?

Then tailor made courses or webinars may be a great solution for you.  Let me help you with content, checklists, workbooks etc. adapted to the topic and business model.

Reach out to me and let’s find a way and setup, that is the most fitting solution to close the knowledge gaps you see.

Just click the below button to send and email to me.

online courses in the pipeline

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Following online courses are in the pipeline. 

If one (or more) of these courses sounds right for you, do yourself a favour and sign up for the waiting list.

Being on the waiting list means you’ll be the first to be advised when the course is  available and being on the list also gives you the opportunity to purchase the course with a favouriable discount.

While waiting for the course you’ll risk learning more about patent and copy protection as I will drop the occasional e-mail in your inbox. 

Online Course – Planned

Design vs. Invention Protection, illustrated by Gyde


Invention vs. Design

Physical products can be functional and may also have distinct looks that attract the customer’s attention and pleases their aesthetic taste.

Sometimes the looks of a product are the only new feature to the product and sometimes the look is the same, but the function is different.

When you design or develop new products, it is important to understand which category drives your sale, and which options for the protection you have…

In this course, you will learn which tools are suitable for the protection of products with new functional features, with new features to the look and feel of the product, or for products characterized by combinations thereof.

Online Course – Planned

PATENT Basics illustration by Gyde

PATENTbasics™ get your base covered

The StopDesignCopy™ series comprises three courses that you can buy separately, or as a valuable allround learning-bundle.

All of them contribute to a general understanding of product protection of new looks and visual features.

In this comprehensive Bootcamp course you will get an ultimate strategy– and long term defense prep opportunity through videos and a comprehensive workbook including several aspects of your business, e.g. product, marketing, concepts etc..

It’s a full-package analysis and strategy guide, including a checklist for your regular routine maintenance activities.

It will take some effort and time from your end – but the reward is a healthy business, with a  strong “immune-defense” against copies and close imitations and build your “muscles” to fight them of if your success is too tempting to not try…

Online Course – Planned

Bundle illustration, Gyde


5-in-1 Bundle

The StopDesignCopy™ series comprises three courses that you can buy separately, or as a valuable allround learning-bundle.

This is particularly well-suited for startups that make a living off of designing products or their customers. However, you are a startup who makes products, that are new and have an attractive function too, you will find two courses in this bundle to introduce protection options for these aspects too.

All of them contribute to a general understanding of product protection of new looks and visual features. In this bundle, you will et two additional courses to support your knowledge basis even further:

1) IDEAsmarter™ how to protect your ideas and concepts before they are a finished product. 

2) PRODUCTsmarter™ Understand the difference between invention and design protection, so you can chose actively what to make use of, in your business.

3) The StopDesignCopy™Designer’s 1st aid kit teaching you the proper way to prove that a copy or imitation is illegal and then stop it.

4) The StopDesignCopy™Stop&Go Kit where you learn how to consider the actions of today and their effect on your future protection options.

5) StopDesignCopy™ Allround Bootcamp. Use it to build a full protection packages, to find the right combination of tools and strategies for your business. 

Get the perfect bundle to prevent and stop copies of your great design!


Online Course – Planned

Innovation illustrated, by Gyde


What inventors do

This course is about spotting inventions throughout your product development cycle. 

Often a product is not one thing. In it tweaked and adapted and sometimes problems are solved.

Learn to spot inventions and opportunities to protect the developing product, so you can enjoy an exclusive right to forbid others to copy you for longer.

Online course – planned

granted IPR, illustrated by Gyde


Plan to Succeed (patent application)

If you patent application is of a bad quality, it’s like rubber boots with holes in it. It does not do it’s job.

This i why I made a course for you, that helps you plan what you need to do in terms of describing the invention and it’s function, before your think about hiring a patent attorney to execute it.

Through videos and a comprehensive workbook with questions that your patent attorney would ask when hired to draft a patent application, you will notice what you may need to figure out to elevate the inventive concept to something that can be patented. And that protects what you need it to protect!

Let’s get you on top of the strategic questions that are important to know before you start spending time and money.

It will take some effort and time from your end – but the reward is a clear direction and awareness about what you want, which questions you need answered and fewer surprises when your work with a patent advisor starts.

(And you may be able to save real money, because your attorney does not need to teach you about the information they need).

Online Course – Planned

Large bundle illustration, Gyde


8-in-1 Bundle

The THINKpatents™ bundle collects 6 courses into one bundle to help you gain knowledge and a general understanding of product protection of your products technical features and functions. 

1) IDEAsmarter™ 

2) BIZZsmarter™ 

3) PRODUCTsmarter™

4) SPOTinvention™

5) BEFOREpatent™ 

6) PATENTinvention™ 

7) BePATENTsmarter™

8) OTHERSrights™

Get the perfect bundle to undertand the strategy you want you patent attorney to execute for you, when you protect your current and future products generating revenue for you!

Online course – planned

COLLABORATE smarter, illustrated by Gyde

PARTNERsmarter™ – avoid common mistakes

While a collaboration may be a great success, be prepared and make sure you have a plan for every scenario with different outcomes.

From a business and legal perspective, it’s very important to have a “prenuptial agreement” in place so you can protect your property, reputational, and business interests.

Don’t collaborate with someone without a prenup. It could turn into a nightmare if you are not fair to each other in the worst case scenario.

Learn what to include, so you don’t give up too much later on. Keep rights to the profit and agree while everyone plays fair.

Online course – planned

Community Brain, illustrated by Gyde

INNOsmarter™ – Spy on others this way (it’s 100% legal)

Utilize the free databases to learn from your competition. What worked for them and what not – and most importantly did they test what you are inventing right now?

Did you know that 80% of all inventions are only published in patents and never end up in papers elsewhere? That’s a good reason to learn how to look into patents.

This is a course where I will take you through the basics of patent databases and how to use them, without risking to share confidential details with a bot or a server that competitors can find.

Be smart when you ask questions on the internet.

Online Course – Planned

know the steps, illustrated by Gyde

PATENTsteps™ – Steps of the patenting procedure

What happens from the moment you invent, draft a patent application, file it and get it granted?

Where will the patent give you rights and how do you make sure that you get them where you need them. And where do you need them?

This is you basic patent procedure course, helping you to understand each milestone and decision point when you want to patent.

And yes, the costs will be estimated too.