Patent and copy protection for small and medium size businesses



Being a decision-maker in an innovative SME often means dealing with opportunities and risks that you don’t necessarily know how to handle – and postponing complex legal “stuff” can be very tempting. There is much on the to-do list.

But: The right protection strategy, patent, and IP portfolio are crucial for a company of a certain size. It can show e.g., competitors or investors, that you are a strong player in your field and that you think that your innovation is worth protecting.

Such a strategy includes handling potential issues so they don’t grow into an expensive consequence without a conscious decision to take the risk. Knowing what’s ahead is always nice.


A patent attorney cannot fix this on their own
  • They need strategic and qualitative input they need to deliver what your business needs.
  • Important information can get lost in translation because of knowledge gaps on both sites. You will notice when the consequence shows its ugly face and no one understands why this happened.
  • Supporting them is your responsibility – because your business’ future is.


Educate and build the competencies in your growing business

Use this knowledge-building space to train your decision-makers and other employees involved in e.g. product development and processing, and the ones involved in collaborations or utilizing external expertise. Make them professional users of the systems and counsels.

Knowledge is instrumental in the company’s successful defense of market position and revene.

Book 1:1

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PATENTsmarter 1:1™ Mentoring & Coaching

Book a PATENTsmarter 1:1™ online meeting with Gyde, if you want to kickstart your learning process.

Or maybe you need to figure out what your next steps for protecting your business could be – but you don’t have the time to take courses right now.

These mentoring and coaching calls, are not legal advice, but can help you with finding your direction fast and get you started or ready for asking the right questions, when time is the essence.

Tailored Course

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SMEsmarter™ tailored content for your needs

Do you discuss the same copy-protection topics in your startup? Did you hire employees or work with consultants, that are developing innovative products with you?

Would you like a professional perspective from an experienced specialist to understand how to navigate in these new settings, and what risks and opportunities you may face?

Or would you like to train your employees in handling confidential information, trade secrets, how to spot invention – or something completely different relating to product protection or patents?

Then tailor made courses or webinars may be a great solution for you.  Let me help you with content, checklists, workbooks etc. adapted to the topic and business model.

Reach out to me and let’s find a way and setup, that is the most fitting solution to close the knowledge gaps you see.

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