Patent and copy protection for service providers

protect what’s important to keep

Do you find it frustrating that your knowledge, presentations, or other prep material were shared with other entrepreneurs, departments, or the whole company when you shared it with your client?

You can make sure this doesn’t happen.

Do you need to develop products for your clients to represent their voice, or do you need to share confidential knowledge with them? Do you have a clue as to how to do that? Handle 3rd party’s rights or what your rights to the work-product are? 

ou can learn how to be in control of what is important in your business and how to avoid making mistakes that will hurt your reputation as a service provider. Let me show you how…


Tailored Course

Tailor made illustrated by Gyde

SOLOsmarter™ Tailoer made knowledge

Do you discuss the same copy-protection topics in your entrepreneur club , over and over again?

Would you like a professional perspective from an experienced specialist to reach clearer conclusions and directions, while having an opportunity to ask questions in real time?

Then tailor made courses or webinars may be a great solution for you.  Let me help you with content, checklists, workbooks etc. adapted to the topic and business model you are representing – or different ones.

Click on the button below and you’ll be redirected to send an email to me. No strings attached – let’s find a solution to fix the knowledge gap!

Book 1:1

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PATENTsmarter 1:1™ Mentoring & Coaching

Book a PATENTsmarter 1:1™ online meeting with Gyde, if you want to kickstart your learning process.

Or maybe you need to figure out what your next steps for protecting your business could be – but you don’t have the time to take courses right now.

These mentoring and coaching calls, are not legal advice, but can help you with finding your direction fast and get you started or ready for asking the right questions, when time is the essence.