Patent and copy protection for enterprises

Patent & product protection knowledge for owners or employees in enterprises

Being a decision-maker or owner of an innovative enterprise can make the protection of your future revenue more important than creating great products that generate revenue through sales.

If you can’t stop illegal copies of your products and technology, you won’t get the return of investment that makes your business the success you want or attract the funding and collaboration partners you want.

What your business needs to stay in control of, and what you don’t want others to copy or steal, are important throughout the complete value chain.

Patent and other product protection knowledge are not only for research and development, but also for your marketing people, project managers, leadership team, and anyone who is handling confidential information or collaborations with consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

In this space, you can learn which elements of your business and products you can protect and which tools and strategies you can apply to do so in this space.

Rocket launching out of the box, Gyde

Start ups

You just started and maybe have the funding for a year or five.

You believe in your product and know that you should protect it, likely with patents.

You are also a bit overwhelmed by the things that can go wrong and the time and money you need to invest.

I collected courses for you to get up to speed fast and prepare the most important details before hiring a patent attorney.

Innovative SME dreaming, illustration Gyde

Small & medium size businesses

You have already filed patents in the past and have experienced the complexity.

You understand that you may own patents of good and not so good quality and want to be in control in the future.

You don’t have a patent department, but key project managers, inventors or decision-makers are in regular contact with external patent advisors, supporting your protection strategies.

I collected a series of courses to equip you and your key people to prepare a good strategy and execution thereof, so you get protection for what you need – and mitigate patent risk in good time!

Corporate business illustration, value chain Gyde

Coorporate business

You work in a global company that has a legal and a patent department.

You are involved in research or product development, maybe in other departments along the value chain.

You want or need to know more about patents and other protection tools and strategies because you don’t understand how to help your patent attorney in the project, or you feel that you are missing out on opportunities.

Maybe you are advancing into a leadership role and want to be a better strategist, considering patent opportunities and risks in good time to secure the business long term.

Regardless of the reason, I have a series of relevant courses for you, ranging from basic patent knowledge to complex strategic considerations.