Patent and copy protection for entrepreneurs

Keeping your solo-business healthy

To protect your business and keep it strong and healthy you need to understand why customers buy from you, what knowledge, products and services are making your success.

Then you also know, what you don’t want others to copy or steal (and offer to the same customers)!

In this space you will learn which elements of your business and products you can protect and which tools & strategies you can apply to do so.

Solo entrepreneur, startup illustrated in front of browser, Gyde


For content creators, helping others with knowledge.

Illustrating service providers, supporting other's dreams, Gyde

Service Provider

For you, providing services, so others reach their goals.

PATENTsmarter™ online shop, illustration

Webshop owner

For you, you sells or re-sells products via a webshop.

Illustrating inventor or solo entrepreneur , illustrated by Gyde (Brand color)

Inventors & designers

For you who ideate and create new physical products.