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mentoring sessions

Mentoring is like having a personal coach who will work with you to build your business knowledge and strategy. It is not legal advice. I can help you prepare to work with a lawyer or patent attorney and understand their advice to benefit your business’s growth and profits.

Single sessions

Work with me as your personal coach to build your business strategy and knowledge. My mentoring sessions provide expert guidance on protecting your business against idea theft and copies using intellectual property rights and common sense. I can also help you make sense of any advice you receive from a lawyer or patent attorney to complement your business growth and profits.

Jette heine, owner of relationme. Dk is happy 60-minute sparring session customer

Jette Heine

Owner @, 3 February 2023

My warmest recommendation to you, Gyde, I have become SO much wiser!

Thank you so much, Gyde – your session has saved me a lot of money and misjudgments in relation to my business. And thank you for your honest and simple way of explaining the different concepts to me. And not to forget, your engaged interest in my business.

Once more: Thank you.”

Sparring bundles

Interested in a cost-effective way to receive expert guidance on protecting your business from copies? When purchasing a mentoring session bundle, I’ll work with you one-on-one to develop your business knowledge and strategy. While not offering legal advice, I’ll help you prepare for working with a lawyer or patent attorney to benefit your business.

With a bundle purchase, receive invaluable insights into protecting your intellectual property and strategies for growing and boosting your profits. Purchase a bundle to save at least 10% compared to the cost of booking individual sparring sessions!

My name is Gyde Balzer Carstensen

I am a European Patent Attorney, Danish Certified Patent Agent and your PATENTsmarter™ IP mentor and teacher. I use my experience from more than 14 years of working with intellectual property rights in large companies such as Novo Nordisk and H. Lundbeck to help large and small companies protect their products against copies and imitations.
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who can benefit from mentoring?

Below is a list of professions and roles that have already benefitted from sparring sessions with me either through PATENTsmarter™ or in my career as a patent specialist and IP-professional throughout the last 14+ years.

  • New entrepreneurs
  • Experienced entrepreneurs
  • Digital creators
  • consulting experts
  • webshop owners
  • bloggers
  • authors
  • photographers
  • artists
  • designers
  • entrepreneurs
  • teachers
  • educators
  • coaches
  • mentors
  • fitness instructors
  • Inventors
  • Researchers
  • Product developers
  • Product improvers
  • Team leaders
  • Cross-functional innovators
  • Product designers
  • Product packaging specialists
  • Strategists
  • Decision makers
  • Business Developers
  • Product Planners
  • Board members
  • Brand & marketing experts
  • Regulatory experts
  • Clinical development specialists
  • Product life cycle management experts
  • Professionals with management aspirations
  • Professionals aspiring for board member positions
  • CEOs of startups
  • CEOs of SMEs
  • Senior/upper management professionals


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