European Patent Attorney & Patent Specialist turned product protection coach and growth mentor for you

It started with a passion

I founded PATENTsmarter™ because I saw too many entrepreneurs missing out on significant investments.

After all, they made not-so-optimal product protection decisions early on.

Intellectual Property Consultants can’t be faulted; they do what they can with the knowledge they get from the innovator. It was obvious, that too much was lost in translation because each side was missing some part of the story.

I began dreaming of fixing the knowledge gap after many evaluations of the protection portfolios, which I was responsible for, when a merger, collaboration, or acquisition was investigated in the companies I worked for as an internal patent specialist.

These experiences wer ethe PATENTsmarter™ seed and more was added as it grew.

illustrating passion by pointing at a heart with start sparkles, Gyde

I just can’t help it

The Covid-19 outbreak made me wonder what my career had to offer – something was missing in my well-paid specialist job in a global company.

Despite doubts about the timing of things and whether I would succeed with my vision in this changing world, I did it – because I just can’t stop helping other businesses to grow.

So, I leaped into it – without knowing the first thing about being an online entrepreneur. I quit my full-time job and started planning the future of PATENTsmarter™.

Here’s what I took from that:

1)   Your passion is a real passion if you cannot let it go – even though obstacles can blur your vision along the way.

2)    You can do many things you did not know about or expected to ever need to do.

3)    You can learn everything you want if you need to.

Do you agree?

When people noticed…

When I started focusing on what I wanted PATENTsmarter™ to grow into, my network noticed my mission.

I was contacted on social media, courses were requested, I was invited to lecture in entrepreneur groups, at universities, curios questions were asked and collaborations offered.

The platform I built for you, was developing with the questions I received from people like you, reaching out from everywhere, they showed me what they needed.

It only makes sense to continue adapting what I do in PATENTsmarter™ to your needs going forward. So, please let me know what I can do to help you get the knowledge you need.

Should have – Could have

Sometimes, we need a quick learning opportunity; other times, a checklist is the best fit because we know we need help to do things right.

Considering my own entrepreneurial journey, the base case is, however, that you often don’t have the faintest idea about the risk of stepping into a common pitfall.

Losing your own or your employer’s money, because you did not do enough, are extremely unpleasant situations. They turn even more painful, if you knew you should have known better.

Nobody likes to feel this type of should have – could have regret. So that’s one thing I’d like to spare you from by providing an accesible and affordable knowledge base on product protection here at PATENTsmarter™.

Respect & Money for you

On the other hand… Sometimes, you don’t need a quick fix, but a long-term protection plan and a story to tell about your great and low-risk, high reward business plan.

Maybe you want to convince investors (or yourself) that it is okay to put time and money into a product or you want to sell your business.

If you believe in your products, and actively prepare or prepared for de-risking counterfeit products, and have means in place to stop them, you will present as strong and in control of your future revenue and attract partners and money easier, than if you don’t.

Defense against the copycats, illustration, Gyde

Prevention & self-defense

The knowledge space I offer through PATENTsmarter™ is only meaningful, if it fits your needs and time schedule! And this should be true, regardless of who you are, what you already know, or how big your wallet is, it is aimed at supporting your work-life and knowledge needs.

Knowledge about protection of your business should not be limited to those who already achieved their goals, but should also be accesible to anyone who wants to develop into a success.

No one but you should take the revenue home that your product can generate.

My goal is to empower you to deal with risks and opportunities to your benefit. Which is why I teach about different ways to defend yourself also through preventive measures.

There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy the rewards of you hard work, because you can’t stop illegal imitations.


Patents are not for everyone – product protection is

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to protect the business-critical assets.

That’s why I support all types of decision-makers, entrepreneurs, employees, inventors, designers, business developers, and anyone in between.

Everything is not about patents and spending big money; all businesses need to know all options and make decisions for themselves from there. Sometimes the free protection strategies and tools are enough… if used right.

I might be a super-specialist in long-term life science innovation protection.

But first and foremost, I am a problem-solver and strategist with a big heart, who has a lot of respect for your innovation and work. I constantly try to find new ways to help you reach your success and future goals.

That also means that I am not trying to make you patent anything – I want you to know if and when you need one. And more importantly, when you don’t, because your assets are best protected by other tools or strategies.

Help your advisor to deliver top-quality work

You are responsible for securing your revenue.

When it comes to securing it by protecting it against illegal copies and imitations, it’s not enough to hire an IP or patent advisor.

Such an advisor is 100% dependent on the information and directions you give – so you carry a lot of responsibility for what they deliver. And you probably want them to deliver relevant and useful means for protecting your business, now and in the future.

This means, that someone from your business with complete insight into a project, product, or the whole business’s current and planned paths and goals need also understand product protection on a professional-user level. (And no, not at a patent attorney or lawyer level by any means. Don’t worry.)

The bigger the risk to your revenue or reputation, when a copy is sold by someone else, the more critical it becomes to prevent and stop this activity!

Grow the competencies you need with my courses, 1:1 offerings, tailor-made courses or webinars, so you can ask the right questions and set clear directions within the company and for your advisors.

Let me help you, help your advisor and let them do what they do best – so you can protect what is yours!




So why am I working as a counsel at Larsen & Birkeholm?

I work as a European Patent Attorney  in the private practice law firm Larsen & Birkeholm – you may have noticed.

You may wonder why I just told a story about wanting to be there for you. How does that match with taking an hourly fee for legal services elsewhere? Let me answer that for you; I understand the question.

In this position I help clients grow and develop their patent strategies and patent and IP portfolios with hands-on work and specific legal advice. It’s an excellent way to share my knowledge and experience in a practical way, while I “solve puzzles” for my customers.

To state the obvious; This work also supports PATENTsmarter’s™ finances, but most importantly, I draw personal value, commitment and motivation from the combination of being my own boss in PATENTsmarter™  and being part of a team with colleagues who support my vision and are great sparring partners.

It’s all about brave people like you

Every brave person who dares to put their all into making innovation every day should have access to patent and product protection knowledge.

I want to make a difference in your efforts to protect what you created and worked hard for, so you can continue making your customer’s life easier and more awesome!