Portrait Gyde Balzer Carstensen, Standing with arms on hips

Let me tell you about:

It’s your place to learn about intellectual property rights and other strategies to prevent and handle illegal copies, imitations, and other annoying and infringing actions – the right way.

Hi, my name is Gyde Balzer Carstensen.

I help businesses like yours (large and small) get ready to stop illegal copies, imitations, and other abuses. Or to avoid them from the get-go!

The result: You can focus on what’s important in driving your business, passion and success without breaking into common pitfalls, inflicting expensive surprises and legal bills.

The Vision

Product & business protection knowledge for all

My vision with PATENTsmarter™ is to make knowledge about tools and strategies that can protect the business and things that you invested time and money in available and accessible to you.

It’s for you, whether you own a business or are employed in one, your budget, experience level, or company size is large or small. Essentials like these are not just for “the big guys” but for everyone who creates or contributes to valuable solutions or products.

The drive

The knowledge gap should not be the reason that inventors & creators are not deservingly rewarded.

I have seen so many great ideas and inventions during my long career working with IPRs – truly inspiring. 

Unfortunately, I also witnessed how knowledge gaps and the same avoidable mistakes often lead to under-rewarded inventors and creators because the innovation can’t be safeguarded against plagiarism, copies, imitation, misuse, or theft.

Help your lawyer help you

It is critical to obtain advice and support from legal advisors, but in my opinion, it’s not a guarantee that you get to protect your assets the way you should (and it’s not because they do a terrible job! Not at all.)  It’s because your advisors’ work is 100% dependent on what youtell them.

Only you know (and are responsible for protecting) what your business needs and where you want it to go – what you need to defend as yours going forward and what you want to cover in the future.

The more you know about your path, development, and future growth, your strategic options for protection against copying and imitation, risk signals, and opportunity indicators lower the risk of making mistakes or overlooking boosters for your success.

If you combine that with knowledge about what your attorney or lawyer needs to learn from you to deliver the high-quality you need, the better you can help them help you – and you will be on your way to a solid and business-relevant protection and defense strategy, and it’s execution. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

You don't need to be a legal expert

But you need to understand how to get and use your rights to safeguard your business

No need to know all details of the law, but you need to understand your options, opportunities, and risks. It will also save you time, money, and frustrations because you’re making informed decisions.


Learning these things with PATENTsmarter™ will help you spot and protect the essential elements, parts, and layers of your product and business with the right tools and in a business-relevant scope.


Don’t just avoid things because you are overwhelmed or say yes to expensive solutions because you are afraid that the pragmatic choice is not safe enough.

Who is Gyde?

You are welcome to check my LinkedIn profile out, if you want to read all the nerdy and extensive elaborations on my professional competences and selected results. 

I captured some in a short format in these boxes below so you can get an impression.

Teacher, mentor & facilitator

Story-Teller & Supporter

Education & Training

Strategist & Problem-solver