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If you don't protect it - why should others respect it?

Protecting your (future) business against infringers and abusers is not a luxury – but finding the right tools and strategies isn’t always straightforward. Especially, if you are inexperienced.

Whether you are investing time, money, or other resources, it is not good business practice if you can’t safeguard a successful outcome and return of said investment.

PATENTsmarter™ is your solution:
I share knowledge about tools and strategies that everyone who creates, develops, innovates, sells, and negotiates needs to understand to protect their success – no matter the size of their business, budget, or experience.

What others say

Marie-Louise K.
Marie-Louise K.
27 April 2022 (Translated)
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Gyde explains, so it's easy to understand.

Gyde from Patentsmarter gave me precisely what I needed.

With her professional insight, she was able to inform me about what was legally possible and correct, and at the same time, she could advise me about what was appropriate to do.

Gyde is good at explaining so that you actually understand the technical and legal aspects you are not used to dealing with yourself.
Customer from Halsnæs
Customer from Halsnæs
21 October 2021 (Translated)
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Useful advice on trademarks

I received very useful advice from this company. my company in matters of rights and trademark.

The help was easy to understand and was given in a friendly and educational manner. It has ended up saving me quite a bit of money.

I can give my best recommendation to other companies or people who need help finding their way in the jungle of rules regarding rights to their own products and company name.
1 March 2022 (Translated)
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Big recommendation from here

Big recommendation from here! Very competent introduction to the patent world.
Ali K.
Ali K.
03 May 2022 (Translated)
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Incredibly competent and really good cooperation

Gyde has a very professional and sympathetic approach to advice in the patent world.

I have experienced Gyde as a mega knowledgeable and skilled person, and she has helped us both strategically and hands-on, to secure our IPR, FtO, and trademark protection, something that is incredibly important when you are sitting with innovative concepts, prototypes, and inventions.

Can highly recommend Gyde and Patentsmarter.
Christoph v.d.G.
Christoph v.d.G.
20 December 2021
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Clinical Development at H. Lundbeck A/S

In my area of responsibility at Lundbeck, clinical development in psychiatry, I always felt that my knowledge about the very important area of IP/patents is too fragmented.

So I was extra happy that I got the opportunity to do a test drive with Gyde’s beta version of her newly developed webinar series of 3x2hs on this topic.

Gyde is a very competent senior patent attorney and developed an excellent, highly engaging and didactically very thought through curriculum which further shaped my perspective and strategic approach to IP/patent matters.

Also newer challenges like use of digital health technologies in drug development were addressed.

If you are interested to learn more about IP/patents in a very insightful and entertaining way I can only recommend to attend this course.
Joanna D.
Joanna D.
1 March 2022
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Excellent tool which is useful for...

Excellent tool which is useful for everyone wishing to understand intellectual property, from individual inventor, start-up to those working in a larger company. Competently presented and easy to follow!
Portrait, gyde balzer carstensen, ceo patentsmarter™, standing full, facing camera

Who is the person behind PATENTsmarter™?

Gyde Balzer Carstensen

I make content in PATENTsmarter™ because you need to know more than your patent attorney or IP lawyer knows.

So I am teaching you to understand how professional IPR users think and prepare before, during, and after collaborating with patent attorneys, lawyers, or collaboration partners! 

I am a qualified European Patent Attorney and Certified Danish Patent Agent, and I have practiced IP law for over 14 years. (You can also check my LinkedIn profile for more details about my career.)

With responsibility for strategizing and executing in the role of a strategic head and decision-maker relating to product and business asset protection at, e.g., Novo Nordisk, H. Lundbeck, and Zealand Pharma, I know to guide you through your business to find assets and use the IP system to protect it.

You may not be a huge company yet

And no, maybe you are not a “big player” like the ones I worked for. But the general strategies and principles are the same and I have used them in smaller businesses and startups too. They do work.

Take what fits and adapt it

Everything can be adapted, different tools can be chosen. But you need to know your options, before you can make choices. 
And learning from the “big guys” you will see that they often go for pragmatic way over costly solutions.

I know how to get the best quality output from IP and patent professionals.

By being in the profession myself – doing prosecution in e.g. Denmark and at the European Patent Office myself, working with patent attorneys and IP lawyers in more than 70 countries. I  hired them for different reasons, national legal support, second opinions, or specialist support.

All in all this experience makes me a great ressource for you. Regardless of what you are currently preparing for your colleagues, team, or patent attorney. Let’s take a look at what you can do to optimize the process without wasting time and money.

It all comes down to asking the right questions in your business, project and when you work with your patent attorneys or IP lawyers.

Your business is worth it

Make your rights count & respect those belonging to others

Your business - your responsibility

It's not a luxury to know & use your rights

Start learning today, and let me guide you through patterns, best practices, and business-critical knowledge about patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and much more that can secure your current and future success.


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The content is not guaranteed to be correct or updated with recent national or international law changes. Sometimes concepts have been simplified to reduce complexity and to ensure a better conceptual understanding, which means that selected topics or aspects may be omitted or not highlighted from all angles.
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Although PATENTsmarter™ can help streamline your work and highlight available opportunities and risks to consider, it cannot replace seeking advice from a patent attorney or legal advisor.

Your specific situation, business model, product details, competitor situation, and behavior are some of the aspects affecting your legal status and may, in some cases, seem to contradict what you learned in, e.g., specific PATENTsmarter™ courses.
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If you want my hands-on support as your counsel, this can not be done through PATENTsmarter™. You can reach out to me through my consultancy agreement with Larsen & Birkeholm; however, since this is an entirely independent business, please do not expect discounts or other perks due to the purchase of PATENTsmarter™ products. I only offer a limited number of counseling hours at Larsen & Birkeholm, so you may need to reach out in good time if you would like my case-specific services.