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Who & What is PATENTsmarterTM


My name is Gyde Balzer Carstensen and I own PATENTsmarterTM and makes online courses so you can learn to protect your product and avoid problems with rights owned by others – that may prevent you from selling your product! All this to make it possible for you to make money on your product, without sleepless nights worrying about copycats, because you don’t know if you can do anything about them if they come… Here I want to help you understand which tools you have, so you can make sure to use them before it is to late.


Enjoy the perks of having a teacher with solid training and education. Among other things, I am a master’s degree in science, and became a Certified Danish Patent Agent and is a European Patent Attorney, while working in the profession full time. 


I have worked with patents and product protection for more than 12 years and has both worked in private practice as a consultant and advised clients like you, and as an internal patent agent, decideing myself or facilitating decisions that are very similar to the decisions that you make or are about to make about product protection in your business. So what I teach is based on practical experience and I know what kind of information you need to gather to make good decisions.


Right now, I am employed as a patent specialist in a large company in Copenhagen, so she actually uses everything she is teaching you – every day.

In my job, I am responsible for spotting inventions and important product details in projects and product development. Once spotted, they are included in the planning and execution of the best possible patent strategies for the upcoming product. She is responsible for patent matters all over the world, including in the Europe, USA, China, Japan & India. This means that I draft patent applications and file them in over 70 countries world wide. I also keep an eye on what publications are plan to adapt my patent strategy accordingly.


For you to better understand what a patent specialist does, we have listed a few selected tasks that I solve in my everyday job-life as a patent specialist:

  1. File patent applications with inventors.
  2. Prosecution of patent applications, so that they become issued patents, virtually in every country of the world.
  3. Enforce patents if anyone wants to copy the product that the patents protect.


I am passionate about creating an simple and accessible online tool that can help and support you (inventor, entrepreneur, project manager, product owner or others with an interest in achieving solid product protection). I want to make it easy for you to achieve your goals and avoid mistakes. This motivated me to found PATENTsmarterTM.


I make courses for YOU,  who wants to ear money, without thinking about copycats all night, instead of sleeping. It is for you, so that you can feel comfortable with the decisions you make about patents and other tools that you use to protect your idea from being stolen or your product from being copied.

It is also for YOU if you work in a startup or in a bigger innovative company, and you want to know what you can do to support the protection of new inventions and opportunities to protect your company’s product.  So you know when you should reach out to your patent department or patent counsel – but also for YOU who is part of a strategic team of decision makers (maybe you are the only one) and feel that you should know more about what a patent, trademark or design protection actually means in your business, what it can be used for an when it is not worth anything.


In my courses you will gain knowledge about the tools you can use to protect your business from idea theft copying your product.


My goal is to give you the product protection and patent knowledge you need to have peace of mind  – so you can do more, and guess less. I want you to know how to prepare for your next meeting with your investor or patent advisor. I am convinced that if you know what questions you need to ask and what you can expect them to ask, everyone will get more out of the meetings – and you can save time and money!


I have worked with and taught more than 1000 inventors, entrepreneurs and mentees. Therefore, you can be sure that I know many of the questions you would like to ask and need clarified. Therefore I already built most of the answers into my courses.


I know that “the patent stuff” is just one of many things you have to learn and deal with in your work or business. That’s why I create an easy way to learn this – online, at home in your living room, in your office or on the go, so you can easily weave it into your everyday life – when you have the time and need!

Gyde Balzer Carstensen

Owner & Founder

Gyde is the owner & founder of PATENTsmarterTM .

You kan read more about Gyde’s education and career on her LinkedIn profile.



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