Learn to protect your profit now – prevent & stop copies!

Learn through 5 knowledge packed formats

And get ready to impress yourself, your partners & copycats by proactively safeguarding your investments

Since we all have preferences when we want (or have to) learn new stuff, I want to offer different ways to tackle your knowledge needs while providing access to knowledge, experience, and best practices usually “hidden” in specialist departments in large companies that can afford to employ patent and IP experts.

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Step-by-step foundation
Online Courses
Take things at your own pace, learn one step at a time and learn in your pajamas if you want.

Online courses are a great way to learn flexibly and revisit things when you need to.
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Learn & ask questions
Events & Webinars
If you like to ask questions while your learning (online or in person), the shorter events or webinars are a great way of doing just that.
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Intense, focused & productive
Ready to get far within a few days. Do you like an intense, but assisted format?

Then join one of the workshops, with 8-16 others who want a headstart too.
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Kickstart your next step
1:1 Mentoring
Need 1:1 teacher support? I can relate.

Book me for a 1:1 mentoring session, so you can take your next steps confidently.

(NB: No legal advice)
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Team development
Tailor-made solutions
Want to help your team, not to overlook risks and opportunities so they can increase your business' value?

Tailor-made courses or workshops are your solution.
Make it fit what I need

"Leave the boring stuff to your IP and patent lawyers or advisors. Do the exciting part instead -and to it proactively.

Decide what is worth to not be copied and therefore protected. Prep well and help your advisors help you succeed!"

- Gyde Balzer Carstensen
CEO & founder og PATENTsmarter™

Who needs knowledge about IPRs?

Anyone who invests in products providing value

The products I offer are not solely focused on fighting copycats; they also include aspects like preventing idea-theft and other abuses by, e.g., collaboration partners or customers.

The boxes below provide links to pages with offers relevant to these business forms. However, the shop provides options for sorting by other categories, including product type, assets (content, ideas, etc.), and tools (patent, trademark, copyright, contracts, and more).

I do not offer legal advice at PATENTsmarter™, but you can reach me at Larsen & Birkeholm, where I practice as an IP and patent advisor a few hours per week if you need specific advice on a case. PATENTsmarter™ operates independently of Larsen & Birkeholm.

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Use the information – but remember to get professional advice

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Expectations, results, and success

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