About Online Courses

What are online courses

Online courses are available in various forms and are often combined with one or more of the other forms of learning that PATENTsmarter™ offers.

I will describe what online courses generally have in common on this page.

Hvem kan få gavn af det?

Onlinekurser er for alle, der kan lide at lære på egen hånd. Hver af dem består af en række lektioner, nogle gange emner, quizzer og måske endda en prøve.

Fra grundlæggende til avanceret

Kompleksitetsniveauet varierer afhængigt af målgruppen og det behandlede emne.

Normalt bør det fremgå af produktbeskrivelsen i butikken, om niveauet er passende for dig.

Ved du ikke, hvor du skal starte?

Hvis du er i tvivl, er du velkommen til at kontakte mig, så hjælper jeg dig med at finde ud af, hvor du skal starte eller gå videre.

What's inside?

Online courses include various formats with pre-recorded or prepared content that you can access through the course platform and your profile on this page.

PDFs, videos, quizzes, and more

Online courses may only contain written material (eg PDF files or Excel sheets, a quiz, or an e-book); other times they may include pre-recorded videos.

Everything is in the product description

The course description gives an overview of what type of content you can expect.

Your course website

On your course website, you can see a date for the license to expire, so you are never in doubt when your last access date is near.

On this page, you also get a clear overview of the course’s lessons and the material you can download (for personal use).

How do you get in?

You gain access to the course via a personal license with an expiry time of 2-5 years for larger courses and between 3 months to 12 months for smaller courses.

The product description in the shop indicates exactly how long your access is valid upon purchase.

Your profile and account page

Provide an overview of your purchased courses, groups (memberships), and events (including booked workshops and webinars), including the material that I may provide in connection with them.

Share with care

Without my permission, you would be infringing my rights if you shared material from my courses or other offerings.

To make it easy for you to avoid infringing them, I have a process for you to ask for permission if you want to share material from the course with your colleague or advisor or purchase an additional license for them or another person (possibly with a discount).

Who are the product & asset protection courses for?

They are for anybody who wants (or needs) to learn how to protect business assets with IPRs or other tools

For individuals

In general, PATENTsmarter™ learning opportunities are created for individuals. They are aimed at different professions or specific needs to learn about a tool, opportunity, or strategy or to familiarize yourself with the topic from a general perspective.

Teams & groups

Although you can buy an online course individually for your team members, I usually can make a reasonable offer if you exceed 5 people who need the same course. Please reach out via the tailor-made solutions page to find such a solution – or to read more about PATENTsmarter’s™, webinars, events, etc., specifically adapted to teams, companies, or other groups.

For IP-lawyers, advisor or patent attorneys (and their trainees)

If you would like an easier life and by helping your customers understand your needs better, so you can offer higher quality for the same price – you should consider offering them PATENTsmarter™ online courses instead of a marker with your logo on it or the regular USB gift.

I suggest you contact me to through the tailor-made solution page and contact form, to discuss what you need and whether I can help you.

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Ingen rådgivning

Som alt andet, der tilbydes på dette websted, er de tjenester, der er beskrevet her, ikke juridisk rådgivning.
De er et videns-tilbud, en form for uddannelse, der kan hjælpe dig med at planlægge og overveje scenarier og strategiske muligheder, som du kan drøfte, afprøve og gennemføre i samarbejde med din rådgiver, advokat eller patentrådgiver.

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The content is not guaranteed to be correct or updated with recent national or international law changes. Sometimes concepts have been simplified to reduce complexity and to ensure a better conceptual understanding, which means that selected topics or aspects may be omitted or not highlighted from all angles.

Use the information – but remember to get professional advice

It is your (the users) responsibility as a business owner to ensure that you know the legal consequences of your actions and, thus, also to consult a patent attorney or legal advisor before you act on anything you learned or concluded based on Products, Services, and Content provided by PATENTsmarter™.

Although PATENTsmarter™ can help streamline your work and highlights general opportunities and risks to consider, it cannot replace seeking advice from a patent attorney or legal advisor.

Your specific situation, business model, product details, competitor situation, and behavior are some of the aspects affecting your legal status and may, in some cases, seem to contradict what you learned in, e.g., specific PATENTsmarter™ courses.

Expectations, results, and success

PATENTsmarter™ does not guarantee or promise specific results or outcomes for businesses or individuals participating in or using Products or Services provided via this web page or associated Services.

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