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IPRs: 5 reasons why you should love them

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Wanna know why IPRs are worth your love and attention?

I'll tell you in a bit - but first: Here's what the blog is about

Like everything I do here at  PATENTsmarter™, this blog is centered around helping you take better care of your business through copy prevention and defense actions.

I don’t want to assume that you already know anything about intellectual property (at least not in this blog post). 

I know that most people (maybe people like you?) think that intellectual property rights, patents, and all that – are incredibly boring and difficult to find the motivation to dig into.

I will not tell you that intellectual property rights (IPRs) are exciting

Let me tell you this: IPRs and other laws are not exciting – but the things they do for you. Or even more important, what you can utilize by using them right.

But I can tell you why IPR knowledge  is great

IPRs can help you save money and time and prevent wasting investments. They can even attract funding if you do it right… But you probably know that; otherwise, you might not read this blog page.

Don’t let the unknown miss out on protecting your hard work

This post is about giving you some “food for thought” before you jump into learning about IPRs or possibly dismiss them as being complicated and horribly tedious without understanding the value of understanding the basics before I go along and teach you other things in more detail, such as:

→ In this post, I will give you a perspective of how my brain works when I look at a business. I will tell you which aspects I look into when I build a business-relevant copy defense strategy and everything else associated with securing future success and revenue. 

Cool! Right?!…

Let’s stay here so you understand what to expect from this blog. 

The alignment of expectations is an important thing.

As little legal speak as possible

I am not about fancy legal speak, even though you must understand some vocabulary.

I will explain the IPR and legal terms you need to understand, no worries. However, my main focus is the elements of your business you don’t want others to take from you and how to protect them.

No academic blog – it’s  for people without a patent or legal degree

So, if you expect to find a blog with academic reasonings, I must disappoint you. I like to keep things simple because I need everyone to understand this vital topic.

The primary articles, products, and offers are held as close to “human lingo” as possible without losing the connection to the topic we are discussing here at PATENTsmarter™; IPRs and other rights that can make the life of copycats and abusers difficult – and secure your investments!

Of course, if you have complex products – the discussions will be complex too

In contrast, elevated products in specific fields will be a bit nerdier within that field – yet still as far removed from reciting legal texts as possible. (That’s for your patent attorney to enjoy or be bored with. You get to do all the exciting stuff instead).

Skip the difficult stuff for later – when you are ready for it

Use the categories in the blog or filter them in the shop to find the knowledge you need, regardless of your expertise, experience, and educational background. (Read here how and why the categories are structured the way they are.) They will help you avoid getting into the nitty-gritty of patents if you don’t need them.

Suppose you are sighing in relief right now. I am glad I could help. You are welcome. I am sure you will enjoy PATENTsmarter™, not only the blog but other offers and services.

And now… Let me give you a brief about why you should read along.

Here's why PATENTsmarter™ is for you

Entrepreneur, Startup, SME, Corporate Business

If you are like most other entrepreneurs (and me), you will have difficulty accepting that other businesses copy or imitate you. 

→ Not only because it may confuse your customers.

→ Or because it feels disrespectful to your efforts and contribution.

→ But because it can harm your business, future, and reputation badly. 

And don’t get me started on its effect on the motivation to create new things when you are afraid that others will take the credit, revenue, and profit.

A sustainable business does not waste resources!

Maybe your dream is a predictable and secure future. 

Or maybe sustainability and “green living” is your drive to make a difference. 

Maybe you enjoy your education or business’s freedom – but no-one like the thought of spending hours, money, or other resources if they are wasted and do not benefit the business or customers as intended.

Business owners, investors, and decision-makers are not prone to “going with the flow” without estimating how the investment will return and increase its worth. 

Why should you be bothered?

Are you ready for success and all the good, bad, and ugly that follow it?

Perhaps you have already succeeded or worked in a company well on its way. Maybe you or the business has reached milestone after milestone already. 

Either way, you will have faced or will face the experience of spotting a copied (work)product and need to understand whether or not you want to do something about it.

It's easier than you think - much easier than to deal with a copy

Security requires knowledge and proactivity

And that is the reason why preventive and proactive preparation for piracy and copy attacks is essential. 

Not just for the big guys with a lot of products and money to spend but also for those who are just starting and need the money to stay in their business, so the next product production is more accessible, better, or faster.

Peace of mind is priceless. Your work (and life) quality improves with less stress.

Most of us want peace of mind to reach our goals, whether it’s growth or attraction of funding – or plain and simple, brain space to focus on our niche, expertise, or customers. When you have to handle a copy, imitation, or a conflict with your collaboration partner – that can be challenged.

A lot. 

I have witnessed it. 

More than once…

So, I believe learning about patents and Co. suits your business and your health.

Harvard Medical School agrees: “Stress management may reduce health problems linked to stress, which include cognitive problems and a higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.” 

Whether you find the risk of stress due to being copied or overstepping others’ rights neglectable or not, learning about IPRs can prevent you from experiencing it if it comes to that. #justsaying

Learn how to use IPRs to stop others from taking what’s yours 

To keep our investments safe, use them how we want and need them.

We need to need our hard work to make our business thrive – not the copycats’.

We need to position ourselves, so we can prohibit others (copycats and pirates) from victimizing us and stealing our ideas and products – using them in their copy business.

Or, at least, we need to be able to do something about it if they try.

And that’s what the blog is about: I share stories about businesses, the options they can use or have used to avoid and stop copies, and illegal imitations of what is rightfully theirs.

Please believe me when I say: It is not as complicated as it looks…

I admit: Learning about patents and other intellectual property rights is not on the “sexy list” of todos in your entrepreneurial journey.

It probably seems less urgent than learning about taxes and privacy policies.

It’s much easier to learn what to do (with the help of your lawyer or patent attorney) than to be in a situation where you can’t stop a copy or imitation from taking your market share or revenue. 

Not being able to stop a copy from hitting the market or competing with your invention, product, or idea sucks beyond imagination.

It may seem less urgent than learning about taxes and privacy policies – but it’s not!

It’s much easier to learn what to do (with the help of your lawyer or patent attorney) than to be in a situation where you can’t stop a copy or imitation from taking your market share or revenue. 

Not being able to stop a copy from hitting the market or competing with your invention, product, or idea sucks beyond imagination.

What would hurt most? *urgh*

Stickman pointing at bag with copy label - looks unamused

Which copy of your business asset, strategy, element, or product would hurt your success?

What kind of damage would it lead to? What would you lose? Could the potential damage ruin your future growth, reputation, and revenue?

Successful companies include their (most) valuable business-assets in their copy-defence-strategy for protection to de-risk this destructive potential.

IPRs may seem boring, but so is brushing your teeth. You still do it. Every day!

So, do yourself a favor to understand at least the bare minimum, which only requires deep diving into your products, business, and assets.

Go from doing nothing to doing something… 

 and with time, you may even secure your business very efficiently. The earlier you start, the higher the odds that you are ready when the copycat is coming for your success.

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